Saturday, June 09, 2007

I ain't got any money, no problem!

Friday night was very nice. I was so busy farming copper in Fargodeep mine and helping solo level 6 players kill Goldtooth, that I completely forgot about AV weekend.

So far, I have made 5 gold which to me is just amazing considering I started with 0 copper the day before. I was able to buy 16 bags with the money I made Friday and then made my way to Elwynn Forest at the end of the night. I watched up the road as level 5-6s made the trek from the Abbey to Elwynn and offered them bags.

"Hello, x, Could you use some bags to help you on your way?"

It surprised me how many people replied "I ain't got any money"

I then would say "no problem!" and then trade them the bags.

Interesting how people are very suspicious of acts of kindness.. actually, it doesn't surprise me at all. We're all bred in this society to believe that "nothing comes for free".. not even acts of kindness.

As I was heading out of Stormwind, I passed a level 70 warrior and used my macro to greet him. "Hello, x! Happy Hunting!"

He /r to say "is this 'bob' or 'fred' playing trying to trick me? or is this actually some nice person saying hello"

LOL. Sad right? How jaded we've all become.

But kindness and good will seems to be infectious so I'm optimistic (which is not normal for me). People seem to really enjoy when you greet them with a hearty hello. I get many well wishes in return. Although I suspect there will be times when we get negative feedback. To be expected but not to deter for sure.

(this is a response I got in RP form to giving someone bags and also a nice reply I got from greeting someone)

(a sweet response I got from a mom)


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