Thursday, June 07, 2007

Meta Consciousness

I got an email awhile back about the idea of uploading your consciousness onto the net as way of preserving your life. The idea struck me as very ghost in the shell and also reminded me a lot about the fourth ambit audio story.

The idea that you can upload your consciousness tackles a lot of theories but mostly it really celebrates the idea of the Meta.. How we all are in actuality, Metazins, slowly uploading our collective consciousness to the void...Metaspace.

And there is floats without anything to quantify its impact on individuals or the world but you get the feeling that it must and that it does.

There are two common ideas regarding the ideas of consciousness.
Dualsim and Materialsm. Dualist tend to see the idea of consciousness as a mental state that is non-physical in some sense. The mind is NOT necesarily the brain so to speak. Materialist see the consciousness mind as a material object, basically just neural activity. The mind is the brain.

My hope is in tonight's Meta Talk, to discuss the idea of consciousnes uploaded from both of these perspectives. What is the esesnce of a consciousness that we'd want to become part of a collective? What are the moral implications? What kind of regulations would need to be put in place? Is it even possible for humans to grasp the ideas of a collective conscious?

June 07 Thursday
Scarlet Crusade US/Stormwind The Park
8pm central
/w MetaTalk

upload yourself! see you there :)


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