Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Mom Tells Kid No More World Of Warcraft - Watch more free videos

"Oh God is it back?!"



Unknown said...

Hmm, not sure what's funny about that. Especially after listening to the last TC after hours, realising the hours of time I have put into this GAME. It is way too addictive and it can wreck lives. It's a great game but this kind of stuff?

Families are important computers aren't. Fine - if you can and do walk away, but I see a lot of folks who can't and who get angry about it.

I didn't think I had a problem with this game until I quite my end game guild this week, because they were almost becoming hardcore. When I quit I got withdrawal symptoms. Serious physical aches and pains shakes like I haven't had since I was coming off Prozac for depression 4 years ago. There is something bad about any game that creates this kind of obsession. I just don't see how anything in WoW can equal getting good qualifications learning how do drive and interacting with REAL people in real life.

Since I started playing WoW a couple of years ago I have read about 3 books, which is pitifully low for me. I have distanced myself from my real life friends and my brothers think its normal for me to lock my self in my room for the whole weekend.

Now I am having to make a serious effort to get my life back.

Alachia said...

There's nothing funny about depression. There is nothing funny about people who can't find perspective.

However, I do think it's funny how weak the parenting systems are these days. How you can have this 13 year old boy crying like a ninny for 5 minutes while his parents play passive sweetness and end up more like the victims than parents.

Unknown said...

Yes, I guess you are right, it seems strange to me as my parents always ensured I had boundaries. It's only since leaving home I have had to learn to keep those boundaries for myself.

As for Parenting the parental controls should have that sorted. Stop em playing at 10.00 and that's the end of it. Oh if only it were that easy. :)

Anyway keep up the good work, and the intelligent thoughts about the WoWverse.

Alachia said...

as parents of that boy, they should really make themselves aware of the parental controls for the game. Today's parents are going to have to keep up technologically if they care to keep their kids in check.

Blizzard built in decent parental controls for the game to limit game time, hours, and days to play on.

Unknown said...

Thank you Alachia. You are 100% right about this kid, and his parents. I would direct you to a girl on MTV's Sweet 16, who cried and moaned uncontrollably because her parents bought her the wrong color Lexus. I will NOT subject you to such BS though, we don't need more examples of how to Screw Kids Up for Life.

Sean said...

I hate the Dr.. phil generation. "What you're doing is hurting yourself.." Well thank you for that, lets all embrace and cry together. Kids these days have too much freedom and their parents put up with way too much of their shit.

They are kids, don't treat them like adults. If they're treated like an adult they'll just argue with everything you say.

Unknown said...

This was so F*&*%^G INTENSE... I still don't believe it...

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