Thursday, June 28, 2007

Me and the Bull

This huge tauren warrior whose named started with Bull and myself went head to head last night over and over again. I was out in Nagrand trying to secure the last few Halaa tokens I need for the 100 token count to buy the +10 resilience gem.

There were only 3 horde to fight for most of the night. The hunter was easy sauce as he never played his traps well at all. I was always able to secure a token from him. But then they would take me 2v1 and I'd get one of them down but couldn't keep myself up for the other kill.

It was some good fights against the warrior though. For most of the early part of the night, I was able to secure his death before my own. However, as the night wore on, he got a lot smarter. He started going all out and blowing all of his cool downs on me.

Warriors and rogues still prove to be my toughest battles but it was actually fun going head to head with a good opponent. hahaha.. just as the spartans... it's nice to have a worthy opponent to die by. :)


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