Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Save the Murlocs

So I finally came across the Save the Murloc video from the last Blizzcon.
Here's hoping the next Blizzcon is as entertaining....if they ever put the tickets on sale that is. :)


Sean said...

I doubt that he'll be there this year, he's another one that made his money off the wow fans. If he does show up it'll be to sell something.

Alachia said...

hahahahaha... consumerism.
if that isn't the American way.. I don't know what is.

Unknown said...

Very funny video, thx for sharing it.

After "save the rabbit", maybe we could sign our email with "save the Murlocs" !

Unknown said...

eeewww...murlocs...id rather save the sickened deer in dark shore.

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