Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All Aboard!

Pretty excited about my trip to Blizzcon this week. If not for the fact that it's Blizzcon, for the fact that it launches my cruise to Alaska as well. heheh.
Yeah for vacations.

Sadin, Taint, and I leave this Thursday for CAL-ee-forn-I-A. We're hoping to be able pick up our tickets Thursday night since we heard lines will be insanely long on Friday. Poor Felix can't go, he waited too long to buy his tickets....even after I warned him they would run out pretty quick.

And no, we will not be wearing any costumes. lol. Although the first year they had Blizzcon I really wanted to go and dress up as a NE druid. I guess I am kind of dressing up. I'm going as a human female.

Things I will be checking out if possible: The Machinima Contests, The Arena Global Finals, The Video Games Live concert.

I've uploaded my character onto their Blizzcon test realms as well as they said there will be new content to test out...what that is? Your guess is as good as mine.

In any case, it should be interesting just to be around that many other wow players at once. I'm going to wear my JAE t-shirt the first day and then my Green Linen T-Shirt the next. I thought about wearing my Epic T-shirt but I like my greeny better.

The Sunday after Blizzcon, we're hopping on a boat to Alaska for a week. So double the fun. I will be AFK for 11 days and go figure. I'm missing AV weekend this week! LOL.


Street Chief said...

rumor has it that the new expansion will be known as; World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. there is some 'proof' that it is real floating around. People predict that this content will be available for demo at the convention but no details are certain. just thought i'd throw it out there :) have fun!

Alan / Falcon said...

Hope you had fun in Northrend! :-) I looked but didn't see anyone female in a Green Linen Shirt on Sat. - would have been cool to say 'hi'! :-) I know I thought it was awesome, but too bad the Death Knight wasn't playable though.

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