Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blade's Edge Daily Quest

To start the Blade's Edge Daily quest chain, it requires 3-5 people to take down some elite bosses. You start by picking up the quest in lower city from the big ogre sitting across from the Lower City Quarter master.

Then you fly to Blade's Edge Arena and talk to the big ogre on the tower. He has you gather a skull, a chest, a warbanner, a book, and some relic off of five bosses. Four are in Blade's Edge Mountain and one is above Shat city. They're the big dudes who have snot coming out of their noses usually.

You don't actually have to kill the guys. You just need to loot the item that drops by their bodies once they die. So you can easily follow around a group doing this if you don't have a group yourself. Turn in all the items and you know you're done when all the ogres come out and have a beerfest for you.

Once you turn in the items you can begin your first daily quest in Blade's Edge. The first one is super easy and it's basically a simon says quest where you click buttons to repeat a color pattern. I'm telling you PvE is some seriously challenging stuff. :D

LOL. Anyhow. it's free gold so why not.


Moonknight said...

Hey daily quests pay for my frequent PvP respecs and repair bills from raids. Besides, the attunement quest chain for Orgil'la that you are showing in the picture is one of the funniest endings to a quest in WoW.

Unknown said...

Daily quests are all I do now, the Ogrila and Skyguard ones are great for saving up for epic flying mounts.

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