Thursday, July 26, 2007

Druid Nostalgia

So I don't often go back to her, in fact, I haven't in months. But I logged my druid for some reason tonight, probably to see if I could trash some of her old gear for a few gold.

Sometimes over the months and now years, you forget the long @ss journey you have taken in this world. The adventures you had, the events that took place... lol. Like the first time we made these swift boots and used them to outrun higher level horde who were trying to gank us.

And then I found my trusty old Glowing Brightwood Staff! hahahaha. gosh. My first epic. Back then they didn't hand those darn epics out like they were candy like they do now. They were supreme prize possesions. Taint won the roll on the staff and while another mage we used to roll with wanted to buy it off of him, he was like "sorry, I'm giving this to my sister". :D

And then there were the odd items we used to think were so bad ass cuz resist gear was so rare too. I remember trying to stack fire resist like crazy for the chance that I might get to go on an MC run. LOL. good times.

Then there was the pimp hat.. oh yeah. The first time I found the pimp hat in the game I must have been like level 40ish. I remember a level 60 coming by and telling me the hat was really cool and asked where I got it. I felt totally cool at that point. Here was a level 60 saying something I, a mere level 40, was wearing was cool. hahahhaha.

Damn... it's been a long journey.


Moonknight said...

Ooooh an elf version! Dead Smexy!

Unknown said...

I gotta say that looking back in this game is pretty cool, I can't even remember how some of my alts got started. You should level up your druid. Even though I have a different main, my Druid has got to be my next main when I get it to 70. I've never had more fun playing a class than I have with her. WoW for life.

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