Saturday, July 21, 2007

I fear the brown dog

Back from last season, there was this lock named Browndog. He was demo. 12,500HP unbuffed, with [Spyglass of the Hidden Fleet] and improved healthstone. The dude was a freaking tank. All four dps in our party could not even put a dent into that mofo.

This season, the punk is an affliction lock and you would think that this would somehow effect his ability to soak damage right? HELL NO. The guy is still a freaking tank, a damage sponge.

Taint and I did 2v2 all tonight and we kept going up against Browndog and a shadowpriest. His main 2v2 team is rated 2200 (rank 3 in the armory as of two days ago) but for some reason he was playing with this new shadow priest instead of the resto shammy he normally rolls with. Maybe a mercy team?

Anyhow, we kept running up against the damn monster and we finally started to kill the bastard. I'd open with silence, dot, mind blast and flay, then fear him. If all of those things went off smoothly and Taint was able to counterspell the priest and sheep him, it took EVERY ounce of our dps to take him down. He'd be at like 10% health but wouldn't budge. I think out of 7 games against those guys, we won 3. So not too bad. There were times when the silence and fear would be resisted and then it was gg...shadowburn see ya later!

He goes in the Warlock Hall of Fame for me. I fear the Browndog. It's like putting up a kid's minor league football 10 year old QB against a freaking NFL 300lb linebacker or something. You're like "GULP!"

hahahhaa. but it was nice to finally beat the bastard :)


Street Chief said...

it seems like pvp has brought out a more aggressive side of you alachia. in comparison, would you consider yourself to be more addicted to pvp than you were pve? or do you just enjoy it more.

Alachia said...

I'm pretty competitive actually..especially with gaming.
PvE never brought out much of the competitive side..more of the materialistic side. lol.

you should see me play FPS. I'm agressive and foul. I know a lot of people don't like bad's why I get most of my bad reviews of the podcast as well.. but I am who I am..and my gamer mouth is hear to stay :)

Moonknight said...

Actually Alachia I find your cursing one of your more appealing qualities. I like a woman who isnt afraid to curse when its needed!!

I am starting to see what you mean by PvE being the materialistic side of WoW. In the end all PvE can give you is loot that shows you are either very lucky or spent a lot of time doing the same thing over and over again.

PvP on the other hand definitely appeals to my more aggressive nature. There is a certain thrill in squeaking out that last second win in an arena when all you got left is a poison dot on a healer that is in the middle of a cast that would have saved his life but gets him just in time. For me PvP gives me the flexibility to play by my own rules (sort of) and still be a part of a team dynamic at the same time.

BTW, Alachia I have been taking a lot of the tips you offered in the last podcast to heart and have found that you were dead on. Every team my 3v3 faced last night was way too impatient. We had our Pally camp right in the most hidden spot of the doorway and had our Warrior basically be a decoy while I would stealth and try to assertain what kind of team we were facing. Every time the other team would assume we were a stealth/warrior team and get so paranoid about stuns that they would make poor decisions.

Chum said...

you are definitely right Moon,
when you start to come together as a team, you'll see a huge difference in how you played against the same teams before and how you play them now.

When Taint and I first started to 2v2 together, we were floundering our strategies. But after 100 games of playing together we don't even often have to call out what each of us is going to do against different class combinations.

I think 3v3 is a really nice Arena match because it helps to mitigate a lot of the imbalances you face in 5v5s.. Meaning you don't need the burst dps or the LOLrsk8te bubbly healer.

In face, it's those combinations that usually dominate the 5v5 field that we find are far more easier to take on in 3v3 and 2v2. Pally/Warrior, Pally/Lock, etc..

and the combos we normally obliterate in 5v5s like Shadow priest/rogue/druid tend to do very well in 3v3s and 2v2s.

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