Sunday, July 01, 2007


Is it just me or does it seem like Blizzard is trying to piss me off and get me to quit playing?

oh.. probably just me.

Here's the a copy of my chat log with a GM regarding some total PvE BS they need to fix. I in no way blame the GM at all. He/she was friendly and nice and to the point but the policy is bullsh*t. It's like they're not even trying anymore...and the fact that you waste your time in an instance and something goes wrong and they show no concern to make an effort to remedy it.....gah.. well. it just actually sums up what I feel about the state of PvE anyhow.

[16:08:34] [Rengawo] whispers: Greetings Alachya, this is Game Master Rengawo. I understand you are reporting a concern with not receiving two spirit shards. Do you have a moment to address this?
[16:09:06] To [Rengawo]: Yes. I was dead when the last boss dropped and didn't receive mine.
[16:09:33] [Rengawo] whispers: First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to report this to us today and apologize for any inconvenience Alachya. :)
[16:10:11] To [Rengawo]: It just happend again to my two party members. They were dead when the second boss just dropped and they did not recieve their 2 spirit shards either.
[16:10:26] [Rengawo] whispers: Regrettably we are unable to reimburse for these shards Alachya, my apologies. :(
[16:12:15] [Rengawo] whispers: If you would like to see this policy change I urge you to post a suggestion on the suggestion forums at
[16:12:43] [Rengawo] whispers: Our developers read every post to keep informed with their player's ideas and feelings. =)
[16:13:11] To [Rengawo]: ok. thanks
[16:13:21] [Rengawo] whispers: Most welcome Alachya. While I'm here, are there any other questions or concerns I may be able to assist with?
[16:13:30] To [Rengawo]: not at this time. thanks
[16:14:05] [Rengawo] whispers: Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of our policies Alachya. May your adventures be numerous and all your hits be criticals! *bows*
[16:14:15] [Rengawo] whispers: Before I go, I would like to let you know that we do appreciate customer feedback. If you would like to give yours, please e-mail to do so.
[16:14:39] [Rengawo] whispers: At this time I will be closing your ticket. Thank you for your petition today. Enjoy your stay in the World of Warcraft and safe travels! *wave*

Pretty much after he/she directed me to the forums, I was so annoyed that I had to do everything in my power to NOT take out my frustration on the GM...hence my kirt polite responses back. Self control FTW :)

Which leads me to my total frustration with the game right now....CLASS IMBALANCE. I know, it's been around for's nothing new. But for god's sake, could they possibly make paladins and warriors anymore over powered? I'm talking PvP and arena based.

I'm going into these battles just getting my @ss torn up within seconds.. I mean seconds. I've read everything I can about survivability. I've read about strategies. I just don't know what to do anymore. Have you ever seen the dmg output from two warriors with a windfury totem up and bloodlust? If you have, you must be a plate wearer because it's honestly over before I can say "FUUUUUU*!"

Melee dps just keeps getting boosted and they keep nurfing priests.. so I have to wonder, is it even worth playing anymore because obviously Blizzard is trying to send me a message.

And I think the message goes like this: "HI, If you would like to play a priest, you can choose from two fun role-playing characters. The PvE healer who will always be secondary support with crappy mana effiency compared to the only REAL healer, the Paladin. OR if you fancy, you can partake in the PvP fun of being fodder."

Yeah. I had no one to vent to tonight so you guys get the earful and the brunt of my frustration. I'll probably ignore most of what I said tomorrow after I've slept a lot of it off...


Matt Tan said...


<3 The Fake Sangai

Lance said...

I went through a two week period where one of my cat's action buttons were missing. It's a known can accidentally pull a pet button off and there's no fix. Nothing would put that button back in the interface.

I reported it to the GM....and got the same polite yet totally useless responses. They kept telling me to shut off add-ons...reinstall WoW (none of which fixes the problem). After a number of these frustrating encounters, I gave up with them.

I did finally find a trick in the forums. When I later told the GMs about the work around, they refused to admit there was a bug. It's the "users are morons attitude".

From what I've seen, the GMs are useless. I'd even wager that they don't interact with the development staff at all. 9 months later...the bug is still there.


Armaan Malhotra said...

so true, I'm pretty much totally bored with WoW right now other than trying to save up for my epic flier, which I'm doing with daily quests. The fact that those are bugged to hell is even worse... not to mention that so many instances are bugged. Anyways,

Unknown said...

I really wish I could figure out how in the hell a itself can beat you. I've played a Paladin, and I can't kill anyone, let alone a shadow priest. Also have you considered the PVE Awesomeness that is the Shadow Priest. Most top end guilds don't use holy priests they use Shadow Priests because they're stupid awesome.

Vino said...

Just take a break, you might come back and enjoy the unbalanced game more. Or log in more hours and become more frustrated with the game. Your choice.

Maclort said...

The GMs in the American realms appaerently talk quite differently to the ones in Europe.

Alachia said...

A pally can't beat me. I was talking in terms of the healing side of their over power. :)

Staab said...

most of my toons are cloth wears and last all of 5 seconds. can do all kinds of damage if he lives for more than 3 or 4 hits. I can get stam gear but that nerfs all my stats. I can frost and do much less damage and its like I can attack for ice block. plate wins cloth losses. we all move on

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