Monday, July 16, 2007

Episode 28 Supplement

(Alliance in BGs)

Photosynth Demo:

KID Crying like a ninny: - Watch more free videos

Edit added:Blizzcon Murloc suite:
(ah hell yeah!)

Hyper-linking consciousness:
"Another theoretically possible method of mind uploading from organic to inorganic medium, related to the idea described above of replacing neurons one at a time while consciousness remained intact, would be a much less precise but much more feasible (in terms of technology currently known to be physically possible) process of "cyborging". Once a given person's brain is mapped, it is replaced piece-by-piece with computer devices which perform the exact same function as the regions preceding them, after which the patient is allowed to regain consciousness and validate that there has not been some radical upheaval within his own subjective experience of reality."

Video Games Live:

Global Arena Finals (Blizzcon baby!):

Jade Empire Soundtrack

Advent Rising Soundtrack

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in the meantime:


Emily said...

Another great podcast, Alachia. Well, a great first half hour as I'm going camping now, so I'll finish it up on the drive. :) Have a good week!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I think its absolutely true that some people stop growing, or more exactly, grow more "slowly" if they are exposed to less of "the world" .I am referring to the experience of being subjected to, through means both digital and not, new ideas, concepts, experiences, people, art, knowledge - both broad and narrow, new ways of thinking about the world and existance.

But people may well argue that some people are simply more predisposed to do this, to seek out new experiences, than others.

Another argument is thats its down to nurture. That in our media-rich western lifestyle and our educated parents, and advanced school systems, we are subjected to far more sources of rich, deep and highly nuanced information that people elsewhere in the world.

Others may argue that its all about age. You are young and you feel you are quite the opposite of "settled" .. I feel the same way, and many of my friends do. Perhaps in 20 years we will feel quite different.

I once heard of someone who said that that the most interesting people he knew, -still- didnt know that they wanted to be when they grew up ;) Perhaps we should try to stay in this state perpetually.

I certainly think our exposure to the metaverse helps A LOT! I have learnt so very much though my exposure to the internet, and the people I have come to know through it. Its opened my mind to a great many things I simply would not have been exposed to through more traditional media, and certainly not through parenting or schooling!


As an officer in a guild, I often found myself inbetween the two opposing type of mentalities: "Its only a game" vs "Amg I have to be uber leet"

It was the latter group of people that "suffered" greatest when BC came out. Many of them lemented their now valueless epics, they cursed and spit on all the suddent PVP players, who, post patch 2.0, could now easily obtain their covented High Warlord gear. Its these people that declared in "goodbuy" posts on forums how BC has made their 2 years of end-game raiding worthless overnight. "Blizzard, you ruined my life of the past 2 years, all that I did, all the items I collected, are now meaningless!".

I count myself far more in the former group. I take great pleasure out of raiding end-game, but I dont do it for the loot. Hell, I dont even do it for the people, placing me firmly in the -hardcore- camp, if you subscribe to the hardcore-vs-casual argument (and I do).

The reason I play is to see end-game, and the thrill of taking down new bosses. Night after night I log in and raid, and I am truly upset if I am not invited to the raid, for it could be -tonight- that the boss goes down. I live for that moment!

But I can leave the game be if I want to. Recently I aquired a girlfriend, the first serious one, and being overseas, I dedicated quite some time to her, and to her alone. We both play wow end-game, and are both quite dedicated. But our time is for us alone, and we both found, to our suprise, that we had no problem leaving the game alone. We dont ever have the urge to boot it up, even just to check the AH. We love playing, but we are not bound to it. She may well switch to Warhammer next year, and I may well join her.

The game for me is, in the end, just something -to do-. If it wasnt WoW, it would most likely be some other game. If it wasnt games, I would probably be a couch-potato (I dislike going out).

There will always be people who become obsessive over games, but chances are they will be generally obsessive over things, unable to take distance, to unattach themselves. These games are dangerous to such people, as your commenter, and infernal Bill have found for themselves.

What strikes me as very interesting about infernal Bill though, is that he isnt "always" obsessive about the game. He became it by increasing time spent. This is very interesting. It might point to some inate human desire to interact with "the enviroment" in a certain volume. If your life is not filled with other things to keep you bussy, to pour your energy into, does that mean that you become obsessive over whatever is presented as "default" stumulii in absence of anything else?

Unknown said...

Hmm interesting episode :P How wierd was it to hear my comment being read out? Very. In truth there are lots of reasons besides the 'commitment' issue. I haven't quit cold turkey. I still play my daily quests for an hour a day and once every couple of weeks I'll have a night with old friends just doing little bits and bobs.

In respect of the cast and ideas in general I am still wary of the metaverse and I still don't think it's terribly 'healthy'. A major part of this for me is that I have reach a time of my life at 33 when I *want* kids and the 9 to 5. I look back at my life and yes I am proud of going to art college and having an education and all that stuff but in our society right now the metaverse doesn't count for much it's like the classic question of "what did you do this weekend?" that parents and friends always ask and you cant answer because the big thing you did was help your guild down Gruul.

It was right enough when Alachia said 'it's just a game' and not to get so hung up on it but it does creep up on you and after her mini rant you then talk about being a PvP'junkie' ok I know that comment was probably tongue in cheek but it reinforces the 'metaverse is all' thing. I came at the snippet of the kid from the point of view of someone who thinks about having kids and how would I feel looking back at 40 years old if I haven't had kids or achieved my goals, hell I didn't learn to drive because I was too busy painting lead figures and its all this looking back and saying 'was it worth it?' then looking forward I think back to the kids thing and think oh yeah friends in WoW are relevant to a point but it's not going out and meeting real people or going on dates.

So yeah passing time is fair enough if you have the car, the licence, the mortgage etc. but if you haven't got those the metaverse can really side track you and it concerned me that my life was getting sucked away.

Also how does someone who is/was part of the metaverse deal with kids like the one in the clip? I've been around when young parents have exploded in the guild channel and its hard to watch.

But wow what an episode and wtf? Game info and tactics? What up with you? :P OK gotta go listen to the rest of this...

Here's to being in control of having fun and chilling out!

Alachia said...

"It was right enough when Alachia said 'it's just a game' and not to get so hung up on it but it does creep up on you and after her mini rant you then talk about being a PvP'junkie' ok I know that comment was probably tongue in cheek but it reinforces the 'metaverse is all' thing."

Acutally, my entire commentary was meant to reinforce the idea that this is a very significant part of a lot of our lives. This is our lifestyle. My "rant" really is to say that you can't take what we are doing too lightly in terms of how it actually effects us. Meaning, don't expect to walk away from this part of your life without feeling some serious self-reflection.

Much like, WTH did I do in college?? Was it worth it? Did I totally just waste 4 years of my life studying something useless or should I have speant more of my time socializing and trying to meet people?

You make the decision to step into the world of warcraft and most of us have made a very conscious decision to allow ourselves to be engaged daily by the activities that prevail in WoW.

We give it signifigance. We give it "meaning"..and my warning is to only give it as much meaning as is healthy for your own perspective. If you try to create a dominant meaning to something like your "lifestyle" you'll go into an introspective downfall that will likely lead you into depression.

Because almost always the activity will fall short of the significance you expected it too...

And there's nothing like looking back and coming to a cold realization on the pure futility of so many parts of our lives.

SO you want kids and a wife or what not. There is nothing to say that what we want in life doesn't change from year to year. As we age, we develop different tastes for different lifestyles.

But up until that point, you live the life you want to live. So really, if at a certain point in your life, you feel you're not leading the lifestyle you want or your lifestyle isn't condusive to your new's time for change.

And there's no reason to feel bad about the lifestyle you lead before. Or feel like you somehow short-changed yourself. It was who you are and it got you to where you are. And now that you want different things, go for it. Don't spend too much time hung up on the "shoulda, woulda, coulda" cuz eventually you'll realize that it doesn't help propel you forward.

I wish you the best of luck Blodwin and I hope you find the lifestyle you can look back on 20 years from now and say "woot, my life rocked!"

Unknown said...

Correction: Above I mistakingly referred to Taverncasts “Infernal Bill” as the one briefly mentioned in the episode. In fact, it was Eloy of Taverncast who experimented with a 17–day WoW addiction ”Binge”, see this post for more information”.

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