Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Facing your Ceiling

One of the hardest things to do when PvPing in WoW is to face your ceiling cap. It's terrible really because a part of you feels like you're just giving up. But I think everyone should be aware of their ceiling so they don't blame themselves so much.
Because at a certain point it won't be about your skill or what you do.. it will be about gear and class matrix.

And people shouldn't blame themselves for that. You do the best you can, have fun and move on to the next fight :) (and cry yourself to sleep at night when no one is looking) LOL.

eh.. SOL sometimes...whatcha gonna do?

And all ceilings can be broken with enough practice and dedication but I wouldn't sweat it. Just try to have fun in the process.

FYI, I think Arenas are a good indication of what classes most of the devs play. :)

I can't wait to hit Blizzcon so I can personally slap the people responsible for warlocks....and if I find the person who decided Cloak of Shadows was a brilliant idea.... LOL.


Unknown said...

What you talking about, Cloak of Shadows IS a brilliant idea! ;)

Alachia said...

yeah. I bet!

I'm still waiting for my Cloak of No Melee Attack.

TehKnuck said...

I'm torn between my boundless adoration of you and your show (even more so now that my wife and I are going to be ON it XD) and my seething envy for you getting to go to Blizzcon while I'm in Afghanistan :D

Then again, I DID roll Shadow Priest... perhaps I could just use Mind Control (Rank 3) and run around a few booths through your eyes for a bit... *plots*

Moonknight said...

Alachia still hatin on us Rogues??? LOL

Unknown said...

Class "matrix"... LOL

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