Tuesday, July 03, 2007

She doesn't give up easily

Okay. so I did a lot better today. I was pretty skeptical of course but that's a pretty decent way to go in...

I put myself back out there and our team dynamic actually started working again and I didn't blow up within seconds.. I don't know if the teams just decided to not focus me or what...

We run two different combinations with a warrior, holy/disc priest, holy pally, with rotations from the shadow priest, demo lock, and hunter.

Then after my 5v5 team called it a night, we ran a 3v3 line up of a (felix)demo lock, my shadow priest, and a (shadowtaint)fire/frost mage.

At first it was hairy. We had to learn which targets to focus fire, which to mage CC, and which to lock CC.

After we got that down, we started to see some vast improvements. BUT what just cracks me up is everytime I looked up about 30 seconds into the fight, Taint and I are fighting for our lives..I look at Felix's lock and he's at full health and has most of his mana.. life drain and drain mana.. jeebus! DEMO locks are f*cking tanks!

I try to duel him 1v1. He sends his felguard to stun me and then it's yo-yo fear. I can't even get a dot off. The only time I even had a remote chance was when I resisted his fear.

I'm pretty excited about tomorrow's arena honor upgrade. I've done a lot of crap this weekend to improve my gear. I ran Shadowlabs like 10 times to get exhalted with Lower City and to get 50 spirit shards. With the exhalted rep, I bought a new weapon and got it enchanted [Gavel of Unearthed Secrets]. With the spirit shards, I bought the [Seal of the Exorcist]. Then I ran hour and hours of Eye of the Storm to get 15,300 honor for my [Veteran's Band of Dominance]. THEN, I farmed Sunfury Signets from the AH to get exhalted with Scryer for my shoulder enchant. When the honor flips tomorrow, I'll be able to get my angel wings [Merciless Satin Mantle] which will then get the scryer enchant, a [Solid Star of Elune] AND my hard farmed [Sublime Mystice Dawnstone] which should boost my stam by 22 and my resilience by 36!

PHEW! I started seeing some vast improvements with my new gear after the first few games yesterday but then it went down hill from there. My group just needs more practice or so that's what we're all theorizing. Both my 3v3 and 5v5 team are at 1707 rating. How weird huh?

My 2v2 can't get much play because the WoW gods have blessed us with like 10-12 minute que times. Who has time for that crap??

Anyhow, I can't wait to get my wings tomorrow!

I will survive!!!!....well at least for a few more seconds :D


Unknown said...

LOL I would be happy with such short queue times, we wait up to an hour on Sundays nights every other night its like 45 mins
Grats on all your gear

Emily said...

Same. On my server/BG, you have to wait at least half an hour for a 5v5, or even a 3v3. You're lucky :)

Alachia said...

wow. that really sucks. Back in Season 2 the only wait times at all were from skirmishes. But now there is like a 3-4 minute wait on 3v3s and 10-12 minutes for 2v2.

I think they should start to consolidate the battlegroups if wait times are that long. :(

Anything more than 5 minutes is too long.

Unknown said...

Oh my queue times are for actually logging into the server. BG queues are not too bad :)

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