Thursday, January 31, 2008

Episode 32: Connectivity

Here are the links mentioned in Episode 32:

Movie idea meeting:

February 7th Thursday 7pm central
Scarlet Crusade US, Alliance, Stormwind Park
/w Metatalk
I would love to get some ideas and whatnot on a good movie. :)

btw, I didn't mean to totally diss sites like myspace and facebook. I'm merely trying to point out the limitations of such methods of connection. They remind me a lot of high school yearbooks. "stay cool, don't ever change!"

hey booze, if you're out there, what's that acronym we came up with? lol


Moonknight said...

Metatalk FTW!!

I will be there as I can fit it in before the guild raid starts!

Dalmore said...

I have a meeting on the 7th, otherwise I would be there.

KaizeN said...

Great to see you Podcasting again Alachia, understandable that it's difficult to put erm out on a regular basis, due to the style of them.

Finally got myself sorted in my new job. Listened to Episode 30, thought it was the ownage ;)

Looking forward to listening to 31, and 32 as soon as I can, keep up the awesome work!

Peteicus_X said...


Keep In Touch Over The Summer Don't Ever Change!

I like going back and rereading my yearbooks. The raw and true emotion poured out onto those pages...I could weep just thinking of it. Since then I have had one rad summer right after another and I really focused my life on not ever changing!

wowcast said...


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