Saturday, March 01, 2008

Zul'Aman Full Clear

JAE downs Zul'Jin

For awhile, a few guildies have been asking to clear ZA. We had cleared up to Halazzi no problem within the first three weeks of release....but then tapered off because we were still scheduling weekly Kara runs. I didn't want to push progression that much because I hadn't yet figured out a way to create a static party without stepping on toes.

With the announcement of Patch 2.4, it really started to sink in that we should have already cleared Zul'Aman by now. So this past week, I made a post on the guild website that I wanted to create a static team to push ZA. I picked our most seasoned raiders and we started progression on Thursday night.

Surprisingly, the most issue we had was on the trash pulls heading up to Jan'Alai. I thought for sure on Friday when we picked up the second night of attmepts, we wouldn't be able to down Zul'jin. If you've watched the fight on youtube, it looks totally complicated. It was actually the easiest out of the last three bosses imo.

Anyhow, what was funny was that hunter loot dropped from the sky and our hunter got everything! hahaha. It was so uncanny, we re-named the instance after him.
[Tuskbreaker], [Arrow-fall Chestguard], [Jin'rohk, The Great Apocalypse]

So now we're ready for Sunwell. hahaah. yeah right. I think it will take us another month to get ZA down to farm. But I was very happy that we finally cleared it.

After ZA, which was about 1:30am, a priest in our guild said he had a kara he ninja'd from another guild. They had gotten to Nightbane but couldn't down him so they called the raid. He was saved to the instance so he was able to invite us to the raid. (yes, we're jack-@sses) Anyhow, we didn't have a lot of people online so we 9-manned it. Actually we 8-manned the rest of Kara because our rogue kept dying for stupid reasons.

He had been playing horde hunter on another server for the past month and had all but abandoned his rogue so he was very "scrubbish" he kept doing really dumb things like running in and trying to tank the mob. Luckily for us, Kara is a joke now so we mostly laughed seeing him get wtf pwned. We literally did Netherspite 8 man because he died in the 1st second of the pull cutting the red beam off from the tank (always run in front of the beam, not behind it!)

What was hilarious was that we downed 7 bosses to complete Kara and he literally picked up loot from all 7 bosses! hahahahahah!! No one needed anything and he was so under-geared that he got everything that dropped...and it was all rogue gear! Lucky SOB!

After we were done with Kara, he went into Trade Channel and was like, "7bosses, 7 epic loots, 1 run, dead for most of the pulls, apply to JAE"

hahahahah. I was crying I was laughing so hard. That's what happens when you raid til your brain shuts down . :D


Ardent said...

Gratz! My guild (Alliance on Malfurion (Dauntless)) just cleared ZA as well. We too needed to create an elite team because well, ZA is not for kids. Hex Lord - boo. After we downed him we 3 shotted Zul'Jin! What a fun fight. I too play a Paladin (love love love healing) and wow, phase 3 and 4 very intense healing. In my experience with ZA, you really need the exact right class mix, especially for healing. Paladin, COH Priest, and Tree Druid ftw. We also brought in a 4th healer for Zul'Jin and subbed out our Paladin tank for the Hex Lord. Could it be done with a static 10? Sure, however, we found it easier for us to stack the run with the right people for each boss fight (Mainly Hex Lord and Zul'Jin).

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