Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who needs an off tank??

Feral tanks are awesome. Because of switching out for alts here and there, one of our kara runs was short an off tank. I could have respecced my druid for feral but thought my non tank times would be wasted on my pitiful feral dps. My gear just isn't there yet for feral. Not to mention I prefer being resto.

We always assumed we needed an off tank. The last time I went feral for Kara, I died tanking Huntsman almost immediately but Felix was able to pick up the horse and huntsman for the rest of the fight.

So we opted to push Felix's feral druid to the max this week.
"I think you can just tank it all, don't you?" I said to him.
"We'll see" he said

And sure enough, he pretty much did. The only time I had to put on tank gear was for Moroes to gain second agro. All the other trash and bosses we usually used an off tank.... no problem. He just tanked it all! It was pretty cool.

Apparently with the Moroes's Lucky Pocketwatch his dodge rate can spike up to 60% or more. His base dodge is about 40%.

BEAR TANKS RULE! I'm also certain prot warriors and prot paladins can do the same.

Video of prot pally aoe-ing Moroes and add:


Anonymous said...

BEAR TANKS RULE! I will second that. Being paired with a prot warrior in kara has proven the best whether MT or OT.

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