Friday, June 20, 2008

All 'levels' of retards

I was heading to Nagrand to do two of my daily quests when I spot this level 63 rogue down to 25% health killing Clefthoofs, the low level ones. I drop down and heal him up.

I notice he's not skinning the animals so I assume he's just killing them for the quest. So I start up behind and skin and heal him as he goes.

So about after the 10th kill, I have 4 knothide leathers, 10 knothide scraps, and 1 clefthoof leather. You don't get much from killing the regular clefthoofs.

So then he whispers to me, "let's split the prophet 50/50"

I immediately stop healing him and take off flying to finish the rest of my quests.

Is he serious? Split my 4 knothide leathers? WTF? I'm basically heal botting him and skinning crappy meat. explains so much when I do pugs.. wow.


Adam Tiler said...

He might have just assumed you were a retard. Couldn't hurt to ask, right?

wowcast said...

I guess I deserve that for using the word Retard.

two and counting this week.

snape said...

at least he didn't whisper you after 10 kills and say, "why are you stealing my leather? i was gonna go back and skin all those."

that would have been worse.

wowcast said...

Here's the thing. I specifically wait to see if someone is going to skin their kill before I go in. I would never steal someone's kill for some cheap leather. That's just rude.

Not only that, but the only reason I stopped at all was because I saw he was low on HP. And I'm not usually one to stop to help people...but I felt like doing something good that day.

And then I noticed he wasn't skinning his kills, so I started to skin them. It seemed like a good symbiosis. And he even thanked me for helping him as I was not only healing him, I was helping him dps the clefthoofs.

I know what a pain it is to do the 30 kill quests in Nagrand.

I just think that when he saw that one clefthoof leather drop he got greedy. It's a rare drop off those regular clefts too. You mostly only get scraps and knothide.

Later, I looked him up on the armory and he has 75/75 skinning and 17/75 enchanting. So yea, those animals would have gone to waste.

He was just being greedy. I guess that's what I get for trying to help people on my server.

Stupid me. You're right. I probably was the retard. Maybe I should have paid him for letting me heal him along the way too. /facepalm

snape said...

Oh I totally understand your situation. What I meant was he would have been even a bigger retard for accusing you of stealing his leather after 10 kills.

And yes, no good deed goes un-punished on our server. Haven't you learned that by now? :)

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