Monday, June 30, 2008

Episode 35: Why do we still play WoW?

Yeah. With WoTLK looming in the foreseeable future and a multitude of MMOs and other distractions over the past few years, Why am I still playing WoW? Do we necessarily want to leave WoW?

Also, a run down of how Raiding Alliances work.


dave Mill said...

totally agree with you, for me the meta is life and it makes me happy to be able to do something that I cannot do in the RL... But to myself I have wondered if I had all that "Epicz" Life, would I be so considerate to the meta? And then I wonder with happiness at such a highplace, the bar being so high from the meta supernatural, would I actually be happy now with the Epic Life? I don't think so, I think it would be like a grinding war in RL to get to the place you want, just to have the norm (aka Level Cap in meta) be changed and be miserable. But in the meta when you are emotionally down you can change who you are in the Meta with 2-3 clicks, in real life you have to go to a surgeon, do a reverse grind, or it comes so extreme to someone wanting to end it all. So should people play with their lives for an epic life? HELL NO!

snape said...

Haha, my favorite line from your latest cast: It's ok for me if my life isn't epic but my gear is.

Ps. I can't imagine anyone who plays WoW that doesn't have a few of those super dorky experiences that you inserted at the end of the cast. Perhaps it happens to some people more often than others, but it's those moments that you live/play for (other than the sweet purple icons).

Pps. Who says you can never be Angie Jolie! Plastic surgery is a wondrous thing...

r said...

I’m quickly becoming a bigger fan of your show with most of the philosophical delving of reality and perceptions. I’m not used to hearing such topics being bounced around outside of my own head and this episode along with number 27 are probably my favorites so far, but you had to know anything on taboos was an insta-win =P
(the tid-bit of story time and throw back stand up turned wow were also enthralling additions tho)

Anyways, back to this episode…
“Happiness is an illusion, success is personal and perfection is fleeting.” That line will probably be burned into my head for a while but it is just so well put. It really goes to show how judging the lives of others with these personal and subjective value systems can just utterly fail in determining anything on their happiness. It is amazing how smug people get when they are trying to tell others how to live and produce a blissful existence, as if personal experience alone can qualify them to evaluate the chemical makeup/changes of another’s brain.

I’ll look forward to a release on the wotlk expansion. I’ll be interested in seeing what the new class does to the typical population ratio-wise for tanking. Personally, I think we need the tanks and an anti-caster tank class that brings with it a new and unique appeal might really help us out while not over running the game with them, perhaps we will see a poll somewhere on how many people will wish to try them once the information on them and the expansion becomes more widespread during beta (currently it seems many people haven’t really looked at the leak sites or know too much about what is coming yet).

Personally I can see many people who are probably more like myself on the new class; too in love with my current main (and maybe one alt) in playstyle/coming changes/RP to do much more then try a deathknight out or simply have one max’d in the character menu for kicks and class knowledge. Would you fit more into this mold? And if so, what toon are you most excited about leveling and seeing the new abilities on?
Myself, it is my shadowpriest. We are getting what seems to be higher coeffs and even pvp survival talents! Second will probably be my feral druid that I still need to level to 70 before release.

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