Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Heart attack!!!! OMG.

I was on my paladin doing the bonfire quests in the outlands when I see my druid log in on my other account. I was having DC issues earlier. I should have changed my password the second time I got dc'd in the raid. Stupid.

In any case, I flip out. I'm like OMG! I'm being hacked before my eyes.

So my first instinct is to log my character to get them off my account but I bypass that instinct and go straight to the wow website and change my information.

At first, it won't let me log my character in... serious precious minutes ticking here...

So I write a GM ticket on my paladin's account screaming HELP!! I'm being hacked basically. lol. stupid again.

I'm so flustered at this point. I scream in guild chat, GET OFF MY F* ACCOUNT!!!
yeah.. not so smart letting on I know what they're they can do it even faster.. (so many dumb decisions here but I was totally panicked)

I try logging in the new info again and it kicks the hacker out. I get on my priest and see nothing is taken from her bags and all my money is there.

Then I go to the guild bank... oh my god. All the primals taken, all void crystals taken, all vortex's taken, and 1000g gone! I wrote a GM ticket again asking if they could find out where it was all sent.

Panicked, I log my other characters on this account because I saw he/she accessed two of my other toons. I get on my druid.....SIGH OF RELIEF. It had all been withdrawn on my druid and I must have gotten back to my account before they could offload it somewhere....even the money.

JEEBUS H CHRIST. That was so jacked up. I'm still reeling. Thank god I was still on. I was going to head to bed early today but moped around wow instead.

Of course, now I have to reformat and re-install EVERYTHING on this computer. SHOOT ME. I have no idea how I got hacked. There are so many sites out there now and applications we run... there's just no telling at all.

Now I'm totally and utterly paranoid. Second hacking this year. First time I caught it early too. There is a blessing after all for being a wowaholic....

mother F!


Dalmore said...

OMG that totally sucks. I'm glad you didn't lose anything. Don't forget to change your password every week from now on.

Another good idea is to click the box to remember username that way if you are keylogged they will only get your password b/c you won't be tying your username.

Hope they catch the SOB!!!

Starman said...

I've been hearing stories about brute force attacks on accounts, but that could be wrong.

Anyway, maybe it was Flash? I don't know, it's all crazy how these mofos are attacking people. And the irony is that gold is so easy to make nowadays, do people really need to buy it?

I hope it all works out for you.

And for the record, Blizzard needs to fix this goddamn problem right now. Make a whitelist of IP addresses or something. I don't care what, but I'll bet it'll be easier to implement something that's a small burden on the user once every few weeks, than giving back all the items that were stolen.

snape said...

Ouch, hopefully Blizz will reimburse your GB with the stolen stuff!

Staab said...

You might try one of those USB Keys for your password so you don't have to type it into your computer at least that should help with security on your end.

Also I have never heard of anyone doing this but you might also ask for a new usernames on both your accounts. Since you have been hacked at least twice now as starman says it might be brute force attacks if they don't have your username they at least have to find that before they can start trying to jack your password. I'm sure Blizzard would hate to have to do it but darn it if they really do care about their customers as they say they do Blizzard should do all they can to make your account secure again.

wowcast said...

I was very lucky to be online when it happened to stop any real damage. It felt so much like a home invasion. I know off and on players might not feel this way but my wow characters are very personal to me. Everything in wow is very personal for me.

I really wish Blizzard would implement random generated security questions for log in.

That's a good idea about the user name. I'm going to request they change it today.

I guess in a way I open myself up to these attacks because I'm very public about my characters and my guild. Such a shame that worries of identity theft have to transfer to my wow world.

and yes, Starman, what a shame people still buy gold when it's so unbelievably easy to make now.. Incredibly easy.

Blodwin said...

Sorry to hear about your getting hacked. I get the feeling that attacks for this kind of information are included in viruses as a matter of course now.

The other thing you can do for security would be to copy paste your password so key loggers can't tell what your password is.

Starman said...

Pasting your password doesn't help.


if(keystroke == Ctrl-V)

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