Sunday, June 29, 2008

Don't copy and paste

Okay, just wanted to throw that in based off of the comments I got from a few of you. Copy and Paste method of protection apparently won't help you as they can simply keylog what you copy and pasted from.

I'm pretty sure there was a huge trojan attack this past week. As I got far more reports from other people about successful hacks on accounts.

Two guesses on how I got hacked. Low security of my password (aka, I used it for multiple applications) or I went to some website that installed a keylogger. I can't be sure of course.

Until I can get myself one of those authenticators, I will be taking extra security precautions. I'm paranoid of course, but what else can you do but just do your best to keep you password secure and try to stay in safe sites.

Any site that isn't https is an unsecured sight and any information you provide those sites is incredibly easily accessed. Guild forums especially are an easy target if you use the same login.password as your wow account.

Again though, nothing is 100% safe so all you can do is do your best to take the most steps to protecting your account.

It was kind of inevitable that my account would be hacked because I ignored a lot of warning regarding safety measures thinking "it'll never happen to me".....

that's what those bloody hackers are looking def. do what you can to make it that much harder for them.


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