Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Badge of Justice > 565 DKP

So I'm now sitting on the highest dkp slot in our raid. And the most bizzare thing is that I'm not DKP hording at all. In fact, I've told all of the jae participants of the joint venture NOT to DKP horde. As hopeful as I am that this jae/cykos adventure will last, the truth is, you never know the reality of any situation until it collapses from underneath you.

I looked at the loot table ahead and I don't forsee anything I want until maybe the end of Mt. Hyjal or Black Temple, maybe.

Most of my loot is badge of justice loot I got from the vendor in the Isle of Quel'Danas. Thankfully, the gear is just as good as most of the loot in the end game content.

At first, it feels strange not wanting anything from the instances, kind of like everyone else around me is looking forward to things in terms of loot. However, I'm not.

Yet, it is amazingly nice to not have to worry about loot at all. All I worry about is my performance and making sure the raid succeeds. Then, I can just enjoy the content. I rather much like it actually this way.

I'm actually thinking about spending dkp in Mt. Hyjal this week if the [Pillar of Ferocity] drops of Anatheron, second boss. We downed him last week and the awesome tanking sword fell. I know I'll never be a feral druid but that staff is one of the most gorgeous things I've seen in the game in such a long time. I admire it on people in Shattrath all the time. Why not spend a few dkp to possess it just for beauty sake. :) Why can't they make healing itmes more ornate? Why a freaking feral druid? You never even see their armor or weapons. What a waste!

I do like this system where casual players don't have to worry about getting caught up in the DKP nonsense in order to even make it into the 25 mans. Just get yourself in heroics and kara and you can be sporting hyjal/bt quality gear in no time. Of course, that's all coming to an end with the expansion...but who cares. See as much as content as you can now before it becomes obsolete and no one wants to go back...thats what I say.


Blodwin said...

Yes this new system is great for casual players. Its also nice to think you are almost guaranteed some loot in time rather than waiting forever for that special drop. I know some of my guild are a bit annoyed about this because they have been slogging through the raiding content, but as the guild's Kara organiser I am happy that once every month or so I can go grab a nice upgrade from the Sunwell Isle.

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