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WoW. I was digging through old data files on my computer and found my character sheet for the role playing game Shadowrunner. Geekatude Maximus!

Body 5
Quickness 6 (+1) 7
Strength 4
Charisma 4 (+2) 6
Intelligence 6
Willpower 5

Reaction (Q+I)/2 = 6

Knowledge Skills (30): Street, Academic, Background Interests
English (read/write)
Electronics Background
Mega Corporate Security
Matric Topography
Cyber Technology
Megacorporate Research
Sioux (read/write)
Elvish (read/write)
Megacorp politics
Underworld Politics
Data Havens
Matix Gangs
Jackpoint locations.
Japanese (read/write)

Weapons: Black Scorpion, Ingram Smartgun

Active Skills (30):

Computer 6
Electronic 6

Laser Weapons 2
Edge Weapon 3
Athletic 2
Negotiation 3
Stealth 4
Etiquette 3
Light Pistol 1

Chipjack .1 1000
Datalock .2 1000+EC
Knowsoft Link .1 1000
Memory Mp/300 Mpx150
Datajack .2 1000
Skillwire .2x max rating
Voicemod .2


Eilers, a female elf, was born to two human parents who accepted her for who she was and tried to protect her from the prejudices of other humans. It was painful growing up as an elf in an all human public school in the UCAS. When she graduated high school, she made it clear to her parents that she was pursuing college education in the Elven Country of Tir Tairngire. Her parents understood and supported her decision but warned her that she could not escape prejudice no matter what country she ran to.

After graduating from the Ehrich Mesa University with a double degree in biotechnology and medicine, she began working for a scientific research lab. Not long after working there, she met an astute elf named Eiland, who was working in the experimental department of the research lab. His parents disapproved of their courtship because of Eilers upbringing with humans. However, Eiland disobeyed and was disowned from his heritage. Half a decade later, they were married in a small ceremony back in UCAS in Eiler’s home.

Several years later, they had a baby female elf who they named Adelphia. They brought her up in Tir Tairngire pushing her towards the academics hoping she would one day join them in their field of research. Her parents never spoke of their work because it was a Class A security project. During her adolescence, her parents became driven and obsessed with their work and sent Adelphia off to boarding schools. She excelled in the arts of language, politics, and technology.

While at the Egan Boarding School she met Melba, a spunky elf, who soon befriended her. They became the best of friends throughout boarding school and college. They both majored in World Politics and Computer Technology and dreamt of a better world for all races. It was foolish dream, of course. Soon after Adelphia had started her first job working, a sub company for the same research lab her parents worked for, Melba became less and less available. She would only see her friend off and on for years at a time but they still contacted each other through telecommunication.

Melba began telling Adelphia about an affair she was having with a man working in a megacorporation called Global Technologies, Inc in the Seattle Area. For about a year, Melba raved on about this man and his company. Then one day on the eve of winter, she was brutally murdered for no apparent reason. Adelphia was distraught. She had lost her best friend and had a very strong feeling that the man she was seeing had something to do with it. She had flown up to the Seattle area several times to visit her friend and remembered a few of her acquaintances.

Adelphia spent several months in Seattle going through Melba’s things (her place had been trashed and robbed). She would find small leads from her friends but nothing ever turned up. She became so obsessed and determined to find Melba’s murderers that she had to quit her job at the lab much to her parents’ dismay. They were worried for her safety and begged her to come back to Tir Taingire. Adelphia insisted on staying and eventually moved her things to Seattle and found a part time job.

One day as she was coming home, she decided to stop by the taco vender to grab something to eat. She ordered two mega tacos and a bottle of Seattle Water. When she got home, she dropped her things on the floor, turned on her favorite movie, and took a bite of her taco. To her surprise, there was a snapping sound. She had just cracked through a chip of some sort. She quickly checked the other taco and found the same chip. She inserted it into her computer and a document appeared reading “64th and Monterrey at 9pm.” She checked her watch. It was 6:27pm.

Two and a half hours later, she was standing at the corner of 64th and Monterrey holding a holey umbrella in the rain. Soon, a man approached her. He didn’t give her his name but directed her to a car where they drove for what seemed to be ages. During the drive, the man told her about Melba’s “accident.” Apparently, she had been involved in a mission to retrieve data from Global Technologies Inc. using the man she had told her she was “involved with.” She had seriously under-estimated the corporations scrutiny of all of its employees and was discovered. Her fate was terminated that very weekend.

The man said he knew of her desire to exact revenge on those responsible for Melba’s death. He promised to help her for some fees of course and told her that from then on, she should call him by the name of Soleus. She made her first hit when she killed Melba’s lover and from then on she was a Shadowrunner giving up her identity as Adelphi.

She soon found herself in the underworld learning from un-named associates the ways of a shadowrunner. Two years later, she had cyberware installed in her body and began extensive training missions. A decade later, she stole highly classified data by hacking into the Global Technologies, Inc. and was almost terminated. She decided that her debt was paid. Unable to return to her normal life, she remained in the underworld receiving jobs through her contact Soleus and later Mazro. Adelphia met Mazro through an obscure job she was doing on the east side of town. He owned a small Art and B-title movies shop. They were able to conduct contact through his Art and movies.

Adelphia now goes by the name of “Phi” in the underworld where she lives in a small apartment with hundreds of paintings, tacos, and b-title movies. She can never go back.


NerdNinjaMan said...

Awesome background story there.

Neil said...

Wow... Those are actually really good stats. Even in Shadowrun you're a power gamer.

- Neil

wowcast said...

I still don't remember why I made a background story for her mom. That seems weird. This was written like 6 years ago.

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