Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OP Droods!

So yesterday, a friend wanted to get points on his 2k rated warrior before the season reset. His computer had been out for awhile. So he asked me if my druid wanted to do games for points.

I was like, no way, my druid is in all PvE gear, no resilience, only 8k HP...plus she's spec'd pure pve (0/0/61).

But after he asked around the guild, he couldn't find anyone else to pvp with...He was like, "don't care if we lose, just need games"...

so I was like...wtf.. fine with me.

Warrior/Druid vs Pally/Lock

I ran in there, threw hots on the warrior and cheetah formed away from the lock and his pet. When the warrior got the lock down a bit, I cyloned the pally. And we repeated this over and over again. The game took like 10 minutes. I think because I was in full PvE gear, my mana regen was really high. So eventually, we ran the pally OOM. Game Over.

Was fun as hell. But ended up doing 3v3s to get him points that night since 2v2 ques were so long and warrior/druid 2v2 fights take a long time. It's all about wearing down the opponent.

I might try out druid more this season. It's a hell of a lot more fun than holy pally for sure....but that might be because I've been doing it for a year...need some change.


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