Sunday, June 22, 2008

Around the World for 350 Blossoms!

As soon as I saw the [Brazier of Dancing Flames], I was like ME WANTS!

That fiery dancing draeni looks so seductive and beautiful. Unfortunately she costs 350 Burning Blossoms. So today I took off around Azeroth to try and collect as many of the Blossoms as I could. I think I made it to like 16 or so of the sites on the map. I have 168 so far.

The real beauty is that for the horde cities, you get double the Blossoms plus double the gold. So anywhere between 6 to 12g per city. They say if you do all of the cities, you can make like 550g for the alliance.

Again, nice festival chain that has everyone taking a tour of Azeroth again. I honestly never thought I'd see Stonetalon Mountains again. lol!


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