Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Black Temple

One always jokes about the all mighty Black Temple Instance ever since it was patched into TBC. Even though Sunwell is out, BT remains the infamous instance of TBC. Back when we started the jae/cykos raid alliance, a few of us started to think more about Black Temple. We were trying to gauge how long it would take us to step foot inside the instance.

It then occurred to us that none of us had ever been to BT. Here's this massive instance that sits on the ghostly edge of Shadowmoon Valley and at the time, I couldn't have told you where the entrance was.

"Where is the entrance to BT?" So a few of us went out there back in early June and found the entrance. This looming threatening instance with ominous looking gates and what is the entrance?? A tiny crack in the side of the wall! lol. I remember thinking it was the oddest thing I'd ever seen.

So tonight about two months later, we fought our way to High Warlord Naj'entus and defeated him. It feels good to finally have a BT boss down. At least I got a chance to experience Black Temple which I honestly never thought I would a few months ago. And we did it with only ONE resto shaman in the raid!

We used the buddy system to deal with Naj'entus spine. It's this huge needle spine he pins someone with that ticks for like 2800-3k a second. You gotta loot it off the person's body and then save it for when he bubbles up to pierce his bubble. It's actually a pretty fun fight. Once the bubble pops, he does 8500dmg to everyone in the entire raid. I guess I like it a lot because it's a healer fight mostly. It's a tough one for druids too because most of the raid needs instant healing not gradual. These are times I wish I could switch out my resto shaman for my druid. She just needs about 400 more bonus healing and she could heal BT well.
Loot drops: Halberd of Desolation, Ring of Calming Waves


Blodwin said...

Grats on entering the Temple and getting Naj down.

Igoo said...

Gratz on BT cherry poppin'. Your group should have no issue with the first 3-4 bosses in BT they are easier than the trash to get to them. It gets a bit tougher after that. BT is my favorite raid visually, you will see once you get out of the sewer :).

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