Friday, August 22, 2008

Dragons in Flight, still a delight?

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We ran Karazhan last night with the guild. We were two people short so we brought in two pugs. I made the huge mistake of not asking the pugs if they had ever been to Karazhan. One was a frost mage and the other was a fury warrior. Both were horrible dps, around 400dps on avg. The warrior had at least been in Kara before so he knew what to do for each boss.

The mage, however, had never been to Kara. At first we had our suspicions but he kept giving us clues. For example when we went to the Opera event, he got on the stage and said "hey! I'm on broadway!!"

Then when we went to Nightbane and when the dragon's bones landed on the balcony, he goes "WoW!!!"

And when we went to Shade of Aran and we gave the run down of what NOT to do, he was running around in circles during the Arcane Explosion. :D Which actually we were pretty happy about because it meant he couldn't wipe us during Flame Wreath. :D

And while it was a little annoying to have a complete newbie (noticed not spelled noob because I'm not trying to be insulting) in Kara with us, it was refreshing to see that kind of enthusiasm again. I forgot how delighted I was the first time I saw Kara.


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