Saturday, August 23, 2008

Photosynth Launched!

I'm so excited!

Back in Episode 28, I talked about being able to hyperlink and compile consciousness and I used the Photosynth demo at TED to illustrate how I thought it might be possible. How it would be a matter of establishing minute data points regarding thought related to context together.

Long story short, Microsoft Photosynth is finally released to the public as of two days ago. (and yes, it comes with all the usual Microsoft bugs). However, it is AWESOME! I <3 it!!!! New app love of my life right now.

So far I've only been able to establish 90% synth at best. It's a matter of making sure you have proper overlap between pictures. Vacation pics will never be the same again!

Here is my first synth: My Kitchen/Dining Area


Jemimus said...

Here are my Synths, which include Warcraft ones:

For more Warcraft Synths, check out the following search queries:

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