Sunday, August 03, 2008


"Build a better Being" is the slogan for the exciting and upcoming EA game release of SPORE. However, I'm sure they didn't mean for it to get interpreted as "Build a more well endowed Being"

The concept of this game is pretty exciting. Anyone who has ever felt wow characters always felt too static will love this game. You start out as an amoeba and work your way up through dna consumption and evolution to constantly grow and modify your character. It's from the producers of The Sims so obviously this sounds a bit familiar but on a more primal and dog-eat-dog level.

However as The Sims Online wasn't able to escape from the perversity of the masses, neither has this game.

For their pre-launch promotion, they opened up character creation to everyone. What some people came up with were strange and grotesque versions of boobie monsters, epeen monsters, self fornicating monsters, etc...

So now the game is being dubbed sPORN instead of Spore by the gaming community. LOL.

To read more about the game, here is the Official Site

And to see the NSFW video of some of the more memorable sPORN creatures:


Soja Bird said...

Yea Spore for the win BABY!!

7september, and I'm realy going to buy that Galaxtic edition.

Btw, you can also find wow-mobs look-a-likes on the sporepedia on the spore-website(s). People did some realy crazzy stuff out there.

Cheers, Heat.

Jay said...

I don't understand what so great about this game.

wowcast said...

i think you gotta love being able to character create and modify a lot to enjoy this game. I think that's the beauty of it.. always being able to manipulate your toon.

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