Thursday, August 14, 2008

Learn before you Speak

(forest of raiding resto druids)

A dude (who shall remain nameless) was complaining last raid day about druids healing the main tank for High Warlord Naj'entus. He said that druids make horrible main tank healers and that only paladins and priests should heal the MT.

WHY do people make such broad and ignorant statements? This guy has like 5 level 70 characters and he plays them all on a regular basis but none of them consistently. Because he switches in and out so much he never really learns the true fundamentals of each class and it shows in his poor tanking skills and lack of knowledge about healing dynamics. Just because you have most of the classes, doesn't mean you're an expert at all of them.

I have six level 70 toons now and I'd only say I truly know two of them inside out and only the healing spec, my druid and paladin. I try to pick a class and play it consistently for several months to try to learn the nuances of each ability and encounter.

I can heal fine on my priest but I still feel like I could improve a lot on her by learning what to do per situation. It's also one of the hardest healing classes to play by far. The shaman I'm picking up fast but don't have enough boss/fight experience with her to say I could play her to a T.

So back to druids. Out of all the healers I've played, druids are by far the most efficient healers. This doesn't necessarily translate to best healer of course but are they capable of Main Tank Healing? Yes, absolutely.

Every boss fight has it's own unique set of data in regards to damage done to the Main Tank and at what frequency. There are many occasions where multiple HOTs (heals over time) on a tank will benefit the tank more than higher HPS (heals per second) that the paladin and shaman can easily provide.

Any time there is a silence or healing immobilization to the raid, having rolling HOTs ticking during that period saves the tank. Any time a tank takes steady and consistent damage from boss hits, a druid is more than able to keep up the tank.

For large bursts, I do prefer a paladin or priest on our tanks for faster recover but every boss fight has a different set of requirements. You can't blanket statement a fight for every encounter in the game. That's just ignorant.

So go my forest friends! Thrive!!!! Flourish and multiply! hehehehe.


Moonknight said...

You would think after all this time people would have learned to stop making the same ignorant statements when it comes to raid healing. I have decided that anytime someone decides to be a dumbass and say that we druids are not supposed to be MT healers, I honor their request and never heal them. Do yourself a favor Alachia, save your mana and let the "superstar" show everyone how leet he really is.

snape said...

That's a lot of trees! You ever stand in a row and try to all cast heals in succession and do the wave? :)

David said...

That's ridiculous. A druid can keep rolling hots on an MT and still have time to do other things. Now what you wouldn't want to do is give -only- the MT to the druid. They are better healing all the tanks since you can keep 4 lifebloom stacks up, and healing touch is not one of the better healing spells.

We've cleared through Brutallus and always had a druid on the MT.

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