Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Raids of Our Lives

written about 7 days ago:
I'm going to sleep on it but I think I'm done with the alliance guild. I feel like I've been more than patient and understanding about our differences. I've forgiven lack of skill, lack of leadership, and lack of decency for almost four months now.

I've felt like always brought 110% to every raid. We've brought a static group with standards for dps, healing, and tanking. No matter how many people want a free ride into our raid, I won't let them. I stick by the ground rules and standards we set a long time ago. Why? To promote progression not digression.

While cykos floats in anywhere between 3-6 different or new people per week, we have stayed consistent throughout the last four months. Same geared people, same skilled people. All geared out with badge loot, all enchanted with T6 being merely a side-grade for the majority of us....

I got word today that their guild has nothing but distaste and dislike for our entire guild. That they don't think we contribute and that we're just in it to get loot and leave them behind. Why would they think that?

Because on the days that we're not raiding BT and Hyjal, they want to gear alts and new people in SSC and TK and we don't have the stamina to continue raiding every day of the week....just to gear THEIR guild out. How on earth does it make sense that they expect us to help them gear out their own guild mates?!!! We're NOT the same guild! And honestly, they're better off just going to kara and badge farming that trying to progress 6 hours in SSC and only getting 2 bosses down.

Then I stopped the post and ended up talking to the raid leader of cykos for about six hours. "talking" lol. more like arguing.

The anger all kind of stemmed from a general clan of hatred that was forming in his guild and all centered around one particular guy who we have all had problems with in the past. Also, this one single person was the reason why cykos has lost about 4 great raiders from their guild. They just couldn't stand him anymore. In fact, one guy got so pissed off he server transferred so he wouldn't have to be anywhere near the guy.

So this angry dude decided he'd try to push my buttons and posted in the guild forums:
So, you defend your stance to not finger pointing by pointing the finger? Isn't that a bit Hypocritical?

Also, it seems that your guild has no problem trying to blame me for holding back raid progression. This has been said on many occassions now.....maybe you should follow your own advise, or there might need to be some finger pointing about some serios lack of dps on some of the jae members, repeated wipes of raids becuse of stupid actions or insisting someone not geared / spec'd for a roll do it anyway.

Sorry Alachia, but I'm not buying your bullshit anymore.

p.s. I will bring whatever alt to a raid I want to if it will beneft the raid more than my main. Don't even think of feeding me any crap about it because you and other memebers of jae have brought alts on several occassions...you included. So live by the rules you try to impose on others or sit down and shut up.
"name removed"

lol...where to begin in responding to him??? I was livid. Calling out my guild for low dps? is he insane? WWS shows jae brings the pain every single time! well over 1000-1300dps avg. So not sure what grade of blow someone sold him.

As for the alt thing. His argument is that you should be able to bring an alt as long as you kind of know how to play the class. As for dps? His quote to me was "as long as you're not at the bottom, it should be fine".... LOL. I guess unfortunately for him, I have crazy standards for my raiders. Regardless, the rules were established long ago..no alts.. only mains unless we need you to progress (aka healer alts).

He just didn't like the rules and thought I was out to get him or something. It wasn't personal, it's business.

In any case, he finally pushed me over the edge (so much of the larger picture story here I'm leaving out about his failed tanking efforts, his failed alt dps efforts, his calling my guys aholes, his overall negative attitude, telling people he hates them...blah blah blah). I pretty much told the cykos GM, I'm done raiding with them.

This just wasn't worth the pain anymore. But after our six hour long talk, it was established that the "clan of hatred" did not represent all of cykos and I shouldn't take out my frustration on the entire guild. He was right, I did kind of take one guy's attitude and behavior out on the whole guild.

Later, we worked it out that this guy would no longer be welcome to the jae/cykos raids. His negativity was too pervasive and really damaging the relationship between the alliance.

Tonight was our first raid without him. I felt like the entire character of our raid was different. Like night and day. I try to be fair and patient and understand character flaws, but sometimes bad eggs really do spoil the bunch. For the first time in a long time, I actually enjoyed the raid.

Oh yeah, healing gear FINALLY dropped in BT [Shroud of the Final Stand]! SO yeah. good night tonight. There was no yelling, no bitching, no negativity. I'm actually happy after raiding for once! Instead of annoyed, frustrated, and livid, I was proud and felt good about the raid. :D

And the sad thing is that I never had anything personal against this guy at all. In fact, it was his own guild master who told him he couldn't bring his alt...why he went postal on me, I'll never really know...such is life in WoW.

(this post should be a mini cast, called Raids of Our Lives)


Neil said...

It almost sounds to me that you should try to nip these things in the butt as they come up. I've noticed a pattern where there's a time you become completely distressed with your raiding situation until you talk to the other GM, you guys seem to work it out, and everything is hunky dorey again. Something else will pop up and you'll go through the whole cycle.

It kinda sounds like you don't want to be labeled "the bitch" by complaining everytime something goes down, but really, who cares? If you can get these things snuffed out before they light the whole raid on fire it'll be better overall, I think.

Just my short observation from reading the chronicle of Raids of Our Lives, heh. Of course I'm not privy to all the details because I'm not there raiding with you, so I might be missing the point completely, just figured I'd throw in my 2 copper.

- Neil

snape said...

Ha, I knew I would read today about your raid from last night. One of these days, I'll tag along again for the fun ride!

Blodwin said...

Ugh, just go tout of a sucky BT run to see this, well it wasn't that sucky but we weren't on form. We wiped twice on Teron and one of those was me. Raiding on a mac mini ftl.

It's good to see you sorted things out and to be brutal there is only so long until Wrath and then i expect most small guilds will stick to 10 man content and not bother with the hassle of 25 man runs. People just get so focused on the loot and it stops being fun any more.

Jesse said...

How is BT? is it graphically amazing? sounds like a dark place..

my heals are totally not up there yet

Jesse said...

hit up the BGS again last tonight and i missed you by and "i"
there was a character named alacha

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