Monday, January 12, 2009

Episode 39: WoTLK Beginnings

Episode 39 is out!
This one is about my day of the WoTLK expansion release and my take on Northrend.

Alachia's Northrend experience from 70-80:


Anonymous said...

Great episode.
Hearing how excited you where to get the CE and to get started to play in Northrend, had me thinking back to when I was at work counting down the minutes till lunch break where I could rush over the Best Buy, get my CE and spend the next 4 hours at work looking at everything in the box and listening to the soundtrack like 4 times. What a great day that was.
Still working up to 80, but loving every minute of it.

Mercot said...

Woot! Always fun to hear these types of episodes. Was all of the music taken from WoW? There was a great piece playing under the part where you described the end of your first night in Wrath and then into your thoughts on the whole leveling experience. I recognized most of the music. It's all so incredibly good. A guildie of mine actually leveled to 80 without a sound card. No game sounds, no music. Kept telling him he was seriously missing out.

wowcast said...

Thanks! Glad you liked the music. A lot of the music was taken from Echoes of War-Eminence Soundtrack in the later part of the podcast.

Mercot, the part you were referring to I believe was from the Wrath of the Lich King Soundtrack- Totems of Grizzlemaw

The music in this expansion is amazing.

Alan / Falcon said...

I love your expansion episodes! :-) The BC one was more dramatic, with the winter storm and all... But hey they both had happy endings. :-)

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