Sunday, February 01, 2009

One Night, Two Mounts

(Bronze Drake and Black War Mammoth)

I know, I know. That's like the perfect title for porn you find in your dad's closet. However, last night I did get two mounts!

After our raid, I respec'd back to Elemental and Sad respec'd back to Retribution. We hit up our usual two heroics, The Culling of Stratholme and Violet Hold. We continue to do the [Culling of Time] Achievement, (4 times now) to get everyone their Reins of the Bronze Drake. Last night was our best time with 5 minutes to spare on the timer. Once we do one more to get Flipmax his drake we can move on to the [Zombiefest!] Achievement and be done with that instance.

The other one we usually try to hit up as much as possible is Violet Hold because one of the achievements requires you to have downed ALL of the bosses available. We've been quite unlucky and have only gotten the same 3 bosses four times in a row.

After, finishing up the Achievement runs though, I noticed I finally had over 300 Stone Keeper Shards which you mainly get by defeating bosses in instances while owning Wintergrasp. I could finally by my [Reins of the Black War Mammoth] which is a beast of a mount! The best part about this mount is that it doesn't cost 1200g or any gold...unless you count the amount of gold I've spent trying some of these heroic achievements. heheh.

I'm now 14 more Achievements away from getting [Glory of the Hero]. I'm still terrified of [Less-Rabi] which I have vowed NOT to go back and do again until it's the last achievement we need. I'm hoping they fix the issue by the time we get back to it again. A part of me visualizes these devs coming up with this achievement while beta testing on local servers. Latency? What latency? lol.


Murchadha said...

What other titles of porn did you find in your dad's closet.

wowcast said...

Lady Vashj does Zangarmarsh

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