Monday, March 30, 2009


Last week we finally got [The Undying] which is the 10man achievement of running Naxxramas without anyone in the raid dying during any of the bosses for that entire raid lockout.

It's actually not a very hard achievement as the first time we ever tried it, we almost one shot it. One of our guys just didn't move out of the fissure far enough when KT was at like 20%. It was a real heart breaker. Since then, most of our failed attempts have been due to lag issue or accidental agro negligence.

The night we got undying was no acception at all. During Thadius's first polarity charge, Flipmax disconnected and he was the lone "positive" charge in our "negative" group. Luckily, Taint was able to notice it immediately and we spammed heals on him while the rest of the group ran away from him. That was one of those major "OH SH1T!" moments.

The next one was during Saph right as we started to pull him, we had someone disconnect at the starting area. Luckily, I noticed he wasn't moving right away and called it. Taint was able to reposition his entire group and still heal Saph. It just took a little extra longer to down him but we somehow managed. Also one of our dps had a momentary lag spike during the "block" phase and almost didn't make it behind the blocked person.

It's sort of funny. The hardest thing about that achievement is guaranteeing a stable connection...lame.

Now our only achievement left is Twilight Zone.....the bane of my raiding existence right now. It's also the one wall I look forward to slamming myself against every night. I haven't had a challenge like this since Vanilla WoW raiding days!


Ejji Happens said...

As frustrating Sarth 3D gets,I am loving it! I have not been challenged in years. I actually feel like I am gaining more than losing from this experience. Thanks JAE & Alachia.

Peter said...

Grats on undying. Just in time for Ulduar. :D

Anonymous said...

Grats. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to find a group to do Naxx. Someday.

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