Thursday, December 07, 2006

Alachia to NYC

Scott Valencia is GOD!
He's hooked me up with this kick ass gig in NYC this weekend being an ADMIN at the World series of Video Games FINALS!!!
I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!!

Check out these people I get to spend all Weekend checking out! (game play that is).
Taint is so jealous he keeps calling me a "poser". I will try to steal one of Fatality's used napkins for him. hehehe.

I've always wanted to go to NYC. It's been my dream! I won't get much time to see NYC but I'll sure get a glimpse. I fly out tomorrow morning. I shall have my new digital recorder with me to capture the journey.

Check List
1. Tooth Brush/Tooth Paste
2. Soap/Shampoo/Perfume
3. Nighties
4. Socks/Undies
5. Yellies (security blanket, yup, i'm still 5 years old)
6. Black Pants/Shirt (required uniform for this weekend, i have to blend into the background since it's being televised)
7. Coat/Scarf/Gloves (for any wether below 60 degrees hehehe)
8. Gossip Magazines (to read during my two hour layover in Chicago)
9. Alarm Clock (I have to be up by 6am Saturday OUCH!)
10. Digital Cam
11. IAudio U3 Digital Recorder (for a special episode)
12. Courage to travel by myself


Theo said...

Woah that's so neat! Have fun! NYC is one of my favorite places. I think it's the crowds. And I personally use an iAudio U2 myself and love it.

Anonymous said...

Always wanted to visit NY but i dont like planes hehe.
I expect awkward comments in your recorder cause theres some guy sitting next to you on the journey hehe.
Pictures! Hope you brought a digi cam too :D

Anonymous said...

Super cool! I'm from CT so we're close! Dress warm, it's very very very cold here today!



Unknown said...

Heh, hour and a half from me. Ph34r that close distance!.

Anonymous said...

Ach come on girl, we'r all eager for your report! Yes, even if it has the Spice Girls in it.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was an adventure...

Anonymous said...

what char are you playing the most now? and whats its name?

Anonymous said...

i don't think Alachia gives out the name of her chars :D
I can assume it's so she doesn't get continual whispers and mail.

Anonymous said...

Ph34r the close distance LOL!

That's awesome. So, how was the trip? I can tell you the day I posted that it was COLD.

I hope all went well...


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