Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Feast of Winter's Veil!

Well, I don't know about you guys but I had a kick ass Christmas.

My Phat Lootz included:
A WoW game card - from Felix
A Green Linen Shirt - from Sad (Sadin)
Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard - from Tai (Shadowtaint)
Shure Sound Isolating Earphones - from Tai
First and Second Season of Grey's Anatomy - from Sadin's Mom and Dad
Hayao Miyazaki, Howl's Moving Castle - from Traxxas and Thaedin
Sony Digital Recording Mic - from Sadin
Razer Exact Mat Mouse Pad - fom Tai
Soundforge Audio Software for the Podcast - from Sadin
Cool Box-Frame Decor for my room - from Sadin
WoWcast Custom Pens (four unique colors)- from Sadin
Royal Blue Pearl Honda CRV 2WD EX 2007- from Sadin

Yeah, that last one totally threw me off too! I got totally tricked into thinking I was getting a new computer for xmas (which he knew I'd hate cuz I was supposed to be getting one anyhow). I opened up a huge box full of old computer part boxes. In the midst of the boxes was a small box. I opened it up and it was a WoW Game Card Box. He was like "yup, you get one free year of WoW!"

I laughed and opened up the box. Inside was a car key. I was like WTF?!!! ZOMG!
So they told me to check the front drive way and there was my new Honda CRV!!!
woot!! woot! I was totally suprised and shocked. Should I be worried that Taint and Sadin can lie so well as to trick me? hehe.

So, about the WoWcast pens. I think I'm going to send them out to all the people who requested a physical Christmas card! It'll require me going to get larger envelopes than I brought with me. And I also got a few more requests for cards than I printed out and brought along I'll mail those out as well when I get back to Austin.

If you guys want a WoWcast pen, lemme know! I have a huge box full of red, green, pink, and blue ones! Tres Chic!

I also tested out the cool Sony Digital Mic I got with my IAudio U3 and it kicks ass. I'm totally kicking myself for not bringing the usb chord for my IAudio to upload what I recorded! I totally did not come prepared. I even forgot my digital cam cord to upload my pics. The pics below are from Tai's digital cam he got for xmas.

And don't worry Tai, Felix, and Sadin also got major phat lootz...stay tuned for when I can upload the audio file! :D

Hope everyone stuffed themselves silly! Now I must go log in to Ironforge and see what presents Greatfater Winter left under the tree this year! Hopefully new pets!

WoWcast Pens!

Green Linen Shirt

Digital Mic

Alachia and Sadin

Alachia and Tai

Howl's Moving Castle - I <3 Hayao Miyazaki

Alachia being tricked - Notice the out dated video card? I didn't! sheesh

Alachia and the CRV



Anonymous said...

sounds like an awesome christmas. i have those headphones also and they are bad ass. oh and the Grey's Anatomy DVDs should be nice, I got the 1st season for my sister and she got me Arrested Development seasons 1 and 2. hope you have a good new year.

Anonymous said...

It does seem like you had an awesome x-mas, I still need to send my addy to you for a sweetness pen!

Anyhow glad you had a great x-mas here to hoping for a great new year for you and your new vehicle!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Someone had a nice Christmas! I'll be expecting my pen :D

Anonymous said...

Man, I should make buddies with Element really racking up the miles...

I actually did get a year pre-pay, and a new Shuffle to listen to your cast and a few others...(I am looking right above this

Congrats on the epic loot!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap you got loads gz on the epix :D

I MUST get a green linen shirt. And i will... soon.

I had a good Christmas morning but have been sick since Christmas evening and kinda slept through it all :(

Cant wait to get a pen :D
Have a good new year everyone!

Anonymous said...

Wow! How nice.....Wish I got that stuff....I only got a mcmuffin maker, and pirates dead man's chest.
heheh! have fun with your new presents!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the card and pen. I am using the pen to write this message. Okay, not really, but I still liked it.

Oh, in case everyone doesn't know, today is a very special day for someone we all know and adore.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Um, Happy Birthday Alachia?

I'm just guessing

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice gifts.....wait...your husband didnt get you anything? :O

Anonymous said...

You mean Jay? :D

Wingscribe said...

Okay, I have to you have the plate "WOW4LIFE" on your current/old car???

If not, maybe a trip to the DMV is in order...

Alachia said...

hmmm...i wonder how much WoW4life would cost me?

lima said...

Hi Alachia, why dont you reveal your face? I understand it might be to protect your identity and etc. But it seems so weird having those faces covered?

By the way, you are one of the most clever podcasters out there, I really enjoying listening to your sharp opinion, the world is so full with people standing on the wall.

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