Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Alachia's Christmas List

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Dear Greatfather Winter,
What I want for Christmas....

1. Formula-Enchant Gloves: Frost Power

2. Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops

3. Gavel of Infinite Wisdom

4. Riding Turtle

5. Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw)

6. Panda Collar

sigh.. well I can want anything....

What do YOU want for xmas???


brent said...

Nice list. Good luck with that.

After thinking about this I decided I just want a server transfer to somewhere where I know some people.

The question is, where shall I go?

jason said...

I've GOT the parrot cage, unsoulbound but we're on different servers, sorry.

Hope all is well!


wowcast said...

brent- where ever you go, make sure it's on a pvp server.

jason- i think shammy's only get coal for xmas. hehehe. you suck. i want that parrot. it's like 600g on my server. i guess i could just grind out the swashbucklers in stv to get it.

jason said...

Thank goodness I've moved on from my Shammy to other things then...Believe me if we were on the same server, I'd hook you up, it more or less fell on my lap doing the exact same thing in stv.


maclort said...

WTB a computer that i can PvP with. My wee laptop lags too much.

But hey working as much as i can over Christmas so who knows, may buy one myself :D

KaizeN said...

Level 300 Enchanting, but being level 36 makes that pretty much impossible.

+200 to my spell damage, possible if I could get enchanting >_>;;

That I could ride my turtle and not get a million and one PM's.
(Girl friend on the right, who got her Snapjaw Card on her forth booster pack ¬_¬)

That the price of rune cloth drops rapidly enough to make buying it for my cross racial mount less... expensive.

To be the most powerful Frostmage, on all of Kilrogg, but I have a feeling I have a way to go for that one :P

Get my Podcast up and running.

Last but not least, hit level 60 :P

wowcast said...

oh sweet. you're playing WoW now.. another soul is saved!

and amen to the price of runecloth dropping.. i want my Elekk.

WorldofPodCast said...

just go do the lowbie quests to get rep. You should already be honored with them all, so you can definitely push yourself into revered.

They changed it so now you get full rep from all those quests, even at 60.

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