Wednesday, December 06, 2006


okay. Episode 21 has been under works for some time now. I have spent over 5 hours now on editing it. EACH time I near completion of the editing, my program goes ballistic, crashes, and ERASES all my data files! I want to scream!!!!

Is this an omen!?? oooh! maybe it's a sign! Maybe it means I should do an entire wowcast episode of me screaming for 20 minutes?!

It's just so frustrating. This isn't the first time my recordings have gotten completely fucked up. I lost two hours of recording with Kitch last time and now I will probably have to re-record this one as well. :P

suckity suck suck suck!

so. now that I'm totally bummed. I will leave you with this. It's a compilation of random recordings from last week during my big office move using my newest favorite IAudio U3. I wanted to thank Brent from Virgin Worlds for recommending the recorder to me!

Warning. It's pretty boring, sound quality was being tested so it's not too good..and there may be some Spice Girls involved!




Unknown said...

You might want to free up more space. I noticed Audacity has a tendency to seriously destroy virtual memory during editing. Between starting to the end of editing, I can lose 2GB of space on my hard drive, which then gets freed up when I close the program and don't save the manipulated raw audio.

Chum said...
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Alachia said...

you know, you are probably dead on with that assesment. i've been struggling with hard drive space the past two months. down to the last gig!

no more episodes until i get my new comp for sure.

Anonymous said...

Free salad ftw :D
Pity about no more new episodes for a while but i will survive hehe.
Big bummer about the whole five hours work lost :(

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