Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Episode 21 Pics

Episode 21: Alachia goes to the WSVG is up. Sorry for those of you who aren't into pro gaming.. it won't mean much to you but it meant a whole lot to me! :D

Here are the pics from the trip!


Mirokoth said...

You have a pretty face :)

maclort said...

Those pics are awesome, haven't got headphones with me so can't listen to new episode yet :(
Umm i don't know where it is but Don's Diner's bacon looks gooooood
Really great to hear you had a good time.

jason said...

Looks like a good time, you look like someone I know though...hmmm.



wowcast said...

hahaha!! yeah. you may have also seen my face on many walmart ads and a couple of don't worry, be happy t-shirts. :)

Trevor said...

Did you see the new cinematics?

wowcast said...

new cinematics!????
score!! link please. i didn't see it on the official wow page yet.

Starman said...

This is the camcorder version that's been running around the net. It premieres tonight on Spike TV.


Silent Signals said...

Wow, sounded like a real blast. Great podcast, great pics. I'm a new listener, new player... the podcast has been sooo much help. :))

KaizeN said...

Wow the World series of Video Games is still going on O_O? I was at the London event about mid October, and it was on there too :o

Tis cool you got to meet Fat1lity in the flesh, when me and my mate went we saw him going 1 v 1 with another guy, and he creamed him big time.
What topped it off was he walked right past us after the match, but we didn't have the balls to ask him for a picture :P

Really cool pics, the event looked a lot like the London one. Did it happen to have Alienwares and Dell laptops everywhere per chance? :P

Anyway, just downloaded episode 21, can't wait to listen to it.

Keep up the ownage Alachia ;)

wowcast said...

The Counter Strike Matches and Warcraft 3 matches were played on Dell XPS top of the line lap tops.
Quake 4 was played on Fatality machines (about 3400 dollars worth of hardware). Halo and PGR were played on XBOX 360s. The only thing I was not impressed with were the monitors. For me, it was a total drool fest. Part of the reason I hung out in the practice room for so long was to hang around all the XPSs. I wanted one so bad. *drool*

wowcast said...

and yeah. this was the WSVG Finals. The rest were all qualifying rounds from different countries around the world. The winners of this one are considered world champions!

kaz said...

Just finished listening to episode 21. I don't follow Pro Gaming at all but your it was really fun to listen to.

That personal voice recorder has to be one of your best investments ever.

The co-ordinator is your rl equivalent of a griefing lvl 60 Shaman.

wowcast said...

lol. i like that!!
big fat ugly tauren shammy. frost shock!!!

she's still beratting me. i wish i could corpse camp her.

jason said...

COME ON! Where's the Shammy love?!?!?!



Anonymous said...

I doubt the hotel will charge another night. I have been in situation where I was late checking out for one or two hours but it depends on management in the end.

RTS does take a mental toll on players, more so then FPS. The guy that was reading the comics is his way to manage stress. Unlike FPS there really no reason play a pre-game other then to test the machine to make sure everything work well.

I quit CoH for three weeks because I play two long close matches (6 games total). It just wore the hell out of me mentally. On the other hand this never happen to when playing FPS.

BTW may I suggest that you use the laughing man logo to censor out faces in the future?


WorldofPodCast said...

I've seen Alachia's face. Don't let that pic fool you. She has a nose. ;-P

And not even a phone call. I know your cell had my number from caller ID. I could have taken some time to forget to get gas and thus not be able to drive up to NYC. ;-P

WorldofPodCast said...

Heh, Starman lives in (North) New Jersey . Then again, so do I. But, I live in South Jersey, about 10 mins from Philly. My driving makes the trip to NYC about 1.5 hours (normally 2 hours at the speed limit).

South Jersey FTW! North Jersey is too overcrowded, and has even worse car insurance prices than South Jersey.

wowcast said...

unfortunately, besides the friday night i arrived, there wasn't much time to do anything except wsvg related work.

i plan to be back up there in the near future. i will definitely make you drive yo ass 2 hours to come visit. lol!

brent said...

Alachia - Show 21 is stellar! Loved every minute. Sounds like that was a very cool experience. Congrats on the opportunity and I'm so glad you decided to chronicle the entuire thing for us.

Anonymous said...

Nice episode and nice picts! Come on the real reason you wore black is because you wanted to blend with the whole city of New York...everyone wears black in the city. I should know I work in NYC!

You shouldn't have taken the Path...but I'm sure you were tired and your senses were overloaded with the sights and sounds of the city. Mine sure were my first time to NYC.

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