Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Turtle Mount vs the Ferrari

In-game unique mount vs RL unique mount

Taint, Sadin, and I were at Chipotle on a Saturday afternoon getting some lunch. Along comes this sleek yellow Ferrari pulling up into the parking lot outside. And of course every male over the age of 10 turn their heads. I swear it felt like slow mow. So out struts this 30-something year old male, wavy brown hair, bright eyes, tall, and built. And immediately, Taint and I go into this huge speculation of how someone that young can afford a Ferrari. He could be in debt out to his ears, he have come from a very rich family, he could have inherited, or perhaps he made it big turning houses?? In the end, we went with the "inherited" story. It was easier to justify why someone like him could afford to spend 250k+ on a car. Through out the rest of the meal, people kept stopping by his car to peek inside and a couple of kids even took pictures with the car. I don't honestly know what the fuss is about a Ferrari but then again I don't have testicles.

So later that night, we were in ironforge and I spot this short red headed human female parked next to the bridge between the AH and bank on a turtle mount. I immediately start gaping and checking her ride were about 30 other people. And I immediately start speculating on ventrilo how he/she may have gotten it. "So how much do you think he paid on ebay for that?" "Do you think he was lucky and scored a card on the first pack?" "no way, probably paid out the ass for it" "it doesn't increase any movement speed you know" "yeah, I know but it looks bad ass"...

After gawking for awhile, I took a screenshot of it and went about my day. It just seemed strange that I would find myself more in awe of an in-game bad ass ride rather than a RL one.


Anonymous said...

The turtle mount looks awesome.
I've never really had an interest in cars, although it could be cause there is no way I could afford to insure one atm.
Although oddly enough a fair few of the guys around here gawk at tractors before cars :S

Unknown said...

/me wants turtle mount

Screw the Ferrari, the turtle mount is way cooler and way more affordable. ;-P

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