Tuesday, December 05, 2006

kinDAof stIKy

LMAO! Thanks Spurlock. Ya made my day!
see mr. goofball's email below


i rLy luV u're podcast. iT is sO funy and u're vOicE iS So pErty ThAt I wIlL lIsten a hoLe lOT mooRe tIMes. I Am alrDy oN ePiSoDe 15.

wILl u merRy mE, oRe r u maRRiEd tO sAm oRe stermAN oRe a guy nAmEd JaY? U talk aBouT JaY aLot. i IS rEEl smErt, sO I's keN takEs goOd kare oF u if wE gET mERRied. I makes $5.40mOpPiNg da flores aND clEAniG the wINders of da bak rOOm @ the aDulT buk Stoor . iT iS fUn buTT da kEyBoARd iN dA ofFIce iS kinDAof stIKy.

iF u iS merRiEd, cAn U gET mE aN inVitasHun 2 cyKos.

u're biGeSt fAN!


Starman said...

Ok, that's it. I give up. He's all yours :D.

"Are you married to Starman or a guy named Jay?".


Maclort said...

Still all Eurgh at the 'kinDAof stIKy' keyboard in the _Adult Bookstore_

Come on now,

Anonymous said...

uhh yeah... that was my bad.

kaz said...

Cat is 4 fite.

jason said...


WorldofPodCast said...

Her significant other was watching football while we recorded our BC Exposed casts...

It was actually kind of funny.

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