Thursday, December 14, 2006

Burning Crusade Cinematic!

This kicks ass!!!! Check out the sheep!! Gonna go watch it 10 more times now.

go here to download the avi for a visual orgasm:



kaz said...

Yup, I'm spent.

jason said...

I watched it like 5x last night myself...the cinematics are just beautiful.


wowcast said...

hahaha.. spent.

gonna hook up my lap top to the projector tonight and take it to the next level. screen party! ah yeah. heh. bring your own popcorn.

maclort said...

How the fuck did Murlocs manage to get in the intro! Theyre taking over the world.... of warcraft.

wowcast said...

i noticed that myself. i was like.. f-yea!!! murlocks getting pwned!!!

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