Monday, April 09, 2007

Chess Event

A few weeks ago, I was thinking to myself, wouldn't be awesome if Kara had some kind of "potter" fight in it where you do a chess board fight. hahahha. And sure enough, when we started Kara a few weeks ago, I was reading through the fights and saw the Chess Event. It's super fun.

I hear it can be soloed. But for us, we just had so much fun. People were trying to explain each piece and the strategies when Taint was like "let's just go!" and picked a piece and started the event. All you do is choose a piece and a pet bar opens up and you play each piece. I was the cleric until it died and then I was a footman. hehehe.

I think Blizzard put this event in Kara for a mini-break from the progression raiding. Free epics essentially. :) woot!

We're currently working on Netherspite. We just learned the positioning of the fight. Apparently there are like three beams and you can never let the green beam hit the boss..cuz it heals him like a biotch. Don't cross the beams!! :)

For people progressing through Kara, we've found to be a damn useful site.



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