Saturday, April 07, 2007

WoWcast Vids: Discovery 2

Okay, so here's a look at our first downing of the Romulo & Julianne Theater Event in Karazhan...Libram of Souls Redeemed dropped off of Romulo and Despair dropped off of Julianne.

First 3 minutes of the movie is a brief explanation of the fight. Then the actual fight ..



Ardent said...

Hey Alachia. Nice vid! What is the mod that you use in the lower left portion of your screen with the moving bars? Is that Chronometer? Or some type of mod that shows your spell timers?

Alachia said...

I believe what you're referring to is Natur EnemyCastBar Mod.

This mod allows you to monitor buffs, DOTs, HOTs, banishes, etc.

So as my shadow priest, I can see when Power Word Pain and Vampiric Touch are about to fall off.

And as my holy priest,I can see when renew is running out etc...

Some people use different mods for this same effect...but this one works for me very well.

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