Sunday, April 29, 2007

Paladin HPS/MPS

You guys wonder why I have such Paladin envy when it comes to healing? Most of our guild has read this thread from

It's a really, really good MUST READ thread for all healers but mostly Paladins to have a greater understanding of how our healing efficiency scales.

(Nadagast-Gnome Warlock, Mal'Ganis)I think one of the major things that people overlook when looking at Paladins and their healing efficiency is the efficiency of Flash of Light. This isn't because of Illumination (well partially but mostly not) it's because all that matters for a particular direct heal's mana efficiency is the base amount of mana per second it uses (in the limit of large amounts of +heal).

This is because you can think of +heal as adding a direct amount of Healing per second to your heals, and your mana cost will be HPS/MPS. The lower MPS is the more efficiently the heal will scale with gear. People like to say that faster heals and faster nukes get less benefit from +dmg or +heal but it's not true at all.

In the case of Flash of Light we have a spell with 180 mana cost and a 1.5 second cast time, so we get 120 mana used per second. This is the reason Flash of Light scales so well. No matter what heal you're spamming (unless it has a cast time reducing talent like GHeal) you'll be getting the same amount of +heal per second....

please read more at:




Pie said...

Only one problem with that post.

I play a paladin, and while I haven't had massive amounts of +healing, I've main healed instances and let me tell you, Flash of Light doesn't cut it. It's decent for spot healing people who take cleaves and stuff, but it simply isn't powerful enough to keep up the tank on a hard hitting boss.

Lemme give you an example. The final boss in Ramparts (I forget his name) hits very, very hard on a level 60 or 61 tank. The first time I healed for him I wasn't expecting it and I tried to keep him up with Flash of Lights. I almost lost him his health went down so fast. For that fight I basicly needed to spam top rank Holy Light to keep him up.

Mabye it changes later, after I can accumulate massive amounts of +healing, but from my experience Flash of Light spam doesn't work.

Unknown said...

I'm glad it took people this long to understand why paladin healing is so efficient.

Alachia said...

From my understanding, Flash of Light won't sustain a tank unless he/she's prot and geared to hell. But it's really great for healing mitigation. And then when you get behind, you can step up Holy Light 4 to 7 or whatever you need to catch up on the tank.

I don't know any pally's that just spam Flash of Light on the main tank but it's just simply about the mentality of knowing how the healing/mana efficiency works so you can maximize your healing cycle.

A lot of you probably already knew about it but for our pallys, it's been a good game change and we've seen the difference.

the more you know....:D

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