Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Episode 26 Supplement

Episode 26: Resolving your Virtual with your Reality: Related Material:

Google moves into virtual worlds

MIT and London team report
first transatlantic touch

QQ: China's New Coin of the Realm?

WoWcast YouTube

Tyra Banks Show, Addicted to Warcraft

The Spurlock Article: Financing Available

If you're interested in joining the social experiment...
Meta Talk:
Scarlet Crusade, US Server
April 12, 8pm-9pm central time
Stormwind, The Park
/w Metatalk

Topic TBA soon.

more later....gotta run real quick.


Moonknight said...

Maybe its just me but I find Alachia's podcasts rather therapeutic. There is something about listening to her thoughts and opinions that just relaxes my mind when it comes to the WoW metaverse.

Keep up the excellent work Alachia!

spurlock said...


Downloading music ... "even your mother is doing it" Instant classic.

alachia said...

woot. I kind of like that I disabled the anon feature. Now I can go scoop out other people's blogs and read their mind. :)

StreetChief said...

good show alacia! could you describe to me what the husband looked like? he sounded like he had the glazed over eyes and curved spine syndrome you get after a good long day of warcrack. not sure though... just sounded like a friend of mine hahaha.

Don said...

Another nice podcast.
If you keep this up you might be able to write a good paper on this social and other implications.

You help me see not just the game but what it might mean and its effects on the RL.

Alachia the futurist :P

wowcast said...

the husband looks normal enough.
young 20ish year old man.. seemed timid and scared actually.

you can view the video from the link on this blog post.

sad, no? some people are ready to have kids at that age...but some people aren't.

Moonknight said...

Hope my mind doesnt scare you too much. I really need to get a new post out after my one on my cat, I don't want to depress too many people.

Jay Rees said...

Wonderfully insightful! I know my parents, sister, etc. don't understand the draw to WoW, but luckily my wife tried the game for awhile and at least knows it for what it is. If I thought I could get my parents and sister to sit in a room and listen to your latest podcast, I think it would do wonders in providing perspective. I guess I'll just have to paraphrase the best I can.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Jay (AKA Lillianna of the JAE on Boulderfist)

wowcast said...

Hey Lillianna! How's that mage coming along?

Jay Rees said...

Ah, sadly, Lillianna is stuck in limbo for awhile. When the expansion came out, I was only at 53 with her and I wanted to level up my other 60s. I started leveling all three (rogue, warlock, and priest) to 61 and realized that my guild was pulling away from me in levels and instances. I decided to just focus on my priest and brought him to 70. Now I'm in the never-ending quest for rep so I can collect all the keys and what not. I don't know when I'll ever get to that "ok, now I'm standing around bored again ... guess I'll go back and level up the others" feel :)

The real bummer is that my mains are on a PvE server and I can't transfer them to Boulderfist. I love the people of the JAE and I would prefer to play there, but I also love my characters on Khadgar. Oh well, someday I'll be back over there to play with you all.


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