Monday, April 30, 2007

Notes on a Podcast

Okay. need to sit down and do it this week for real. I keep saying I'm going to do it and then I don't. It's like I'm waiting for that inspiration to just hit me over the head....only I know that I'll be waiting another month if I keep doing that.

I have several episodes planned out in my head but a lot of them involve coordination with people so I usually put those off. Procrastination FTL.

I do start to feel that pang of guilt as the monthly marker starts to roll around and I'm like "hmmmm, wait for it...wait for it".....[podfade comments].... "there they are!"

So...what the hell. you guys get to see how I'm doing this one. Takin' you on my journey through Episode 27...27 right? yeah..

Okay.. here's what I have so far.

I have an audio clip that is bonifide hilarious to the max that I'm going to throw in somewhere. I was curled into a ball laughing at it and I'm so thankful the person who made it gave me permission to use it on the show. I definitely definitely want to get to share that one with you all.

Need to talk about addiction some if I hadn't beaten it over the head enough time already. I just keep finding out more and more about myself regarding my crazy attraction to WoW.

Had a funny quest introspection to relate...something Britnay said while we were farming for gold on the MetaTalk server.

hmmm...what else.. oh yeah.. Everything under the sun to do after you hit 70... I have a huge list. But this is where I get stumped. My focus for the show is really less and less about WoW mechanics really. I get bored with telling people stuff they probably already know... but at the same time, it can be fun...well you can try to make it sound fun. hehehe.

Must make sure I get all the donation shoutouts lined up. I'm very grateful for the people who donate and I don't want to miss anyone...Waiting on one person for their shoutout at the moment...

Oh yeah Metatalk...can't wait to talk about's been quite an experience so far. And I think the little clique is coming along nicely...I'm starting to remember names and stories.

You should see my little notebook I keep. I have scribbles of writing here and there... one to two word codes sometimes...other times, huge elaborate paragraphs so I don't forget some thought I had...

Also notes on music I want to use...some country music this time around. :) yeah. yeah. yeah. you'll understand later. :P

OH! And new article by Spurlock.

okay..that's what I have so far.

oh yeah..I'm also sick and sound like a frog. :) no joke. Timing is always wonderful.

Tomorrow, step 1 is to align the intro.

wish me luck!



Britnay said...

Get well soon! Maybe try some warm tea with lemon and honey. Hmm.. if you need some inspiration, how about what WOW means to you as a starting point? Maybe what it meant to you when you first started playing, and how that changed as time went by. ^_^

WOW4Life, Baby!
(> <)

Moonknight said...

Can't wait, I was starting to go into WoWCast withdrawl!! WoW4Life!

MetaMoon & MetaMoonBE Edition Rule!

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