Friday, April 06, 2007

Gold Mafia FTL

Over the last month, these whispers and in-game mails are becoming daily. I get about 3-4 whispers a night now and at least one in-game mail a day.

I wonder if all servers are getting it now or just ours. Maybe it's based off of how many people on your server have a record of buying gold or getting power-leveled.

Anyhow, it's a new feature to the game. I wonder if Blizz will try to stop it or if its unstoppable.



Mark Means said...

It's not just your server. I play on a few realms and get the in game whispers consistently. I've yet to get an in-game email though, but I'm sure that's coming.

Keep up the good work!

Street Chief said...

haha you're definitely not the only one, on bwl i get igmail, tells, general/trade channel spam, and even /yell spam.

KaizeN said...

Gawd. it's like the plague, but without an end in sight.

Maybe if we could block not just character names, but all characters using that account/I.P address atleast it'd make things tougher.

Least on the EU servers we haven't been getting the Mail box spam... yet.

Anonymous said...

Download the SpamSentry add-on. It will intercept spam (whispers, mail) and queue them up to send to Bliz. It also sends a copy of the message with date/time. Enjoy!


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