Monday, April 16, 2007

Mind readers

I know the guys don't read my blog or listen to the podcast (except for felix occasionally), so it was really kind of serendipitous yesterday when Taint was like "let's go do Arenas for awhile"....

I was like Hellz yeah! So my little gal shadow priest went out and killed things for awhile to get the DPS out of her system and then she respecced BACK to Holy/Disc. 28/33/0

I love refreshing the arms of my tree. It's really fun playing a class that isn't a one-trick pony. It goes great with my multiple personalities. :)

So we're going to see if we can't break a 1700 rating today. We climbed from 1516 to 1604 last night. It was the first time in two weeks that we weren't going in with a prot warrior, boomkin druid, and shadow priest. Now Sadin is arms/fury, Taint is resto, and I'm Holy/Disc. Felix has been the lucky one since he's maintained his build for the past month 5/7/49 Destruction Warlock. Vish, our rogue, is 17/44/0 combat specced but it's not his main character so he it's not nearly as geared as his pally.

We're still rusty and working on it. But I think that if we keep REALLY practicing, we can push ourselves to an 1800 rating and maybe more. I'm not as optimistic without a pally in our group.

Things I've learned from Arenas from a Holy/Disc Priest perspective:
1. Offensive dispel is your golden ticket. Spec Abolish to reduce the cost of your offensive dispels and defensive dispels
2. Paladins are worthless without their mana. Mana Burn FTW!
3. Mass Dispel makes pally bubbles, BOPs, and Mage's Iceblock weak survivability maneuvers.
4. Prayer of Mending, although nurfed, is still a good temporary insta cast while you're trying to save someone from an alpha attack.
5. DOT if you can.
6. Learn how to do 7 things at once

I haven't mastered doing any of those things but those are all things I noticed I really need to work on to help my party out. Especially number 3. Mass dispel isn't as easy as smashing one button and I have never used it outside of Arena or BGs so I'm pretty darn rusty at it.

Today is Sadin's bday. What better bday present than to get to a 1700 rating!? hahahaha. nah, we're all gonna go out to eat and do the cake thing too...

then we'll go Arena. :D



Maclort said...

Wow, priets can dispel my iceblock?
Say it isnt so!

Oh and its my birthday too this week :) /cheer at Sadin

Alachia said...

Happy Birthday Maclort!

Alachia said...

Mass dispel isn't as easy as a one-button spam of course, but yes, it can be used against a mage's iceblock and a pally shield.

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