Monday, June 11, 2007

1800 before 15:00

My 2v2 and 3v3 teams did well this week. Last Saturday, Taint and I decided to 2v2 after running a couple of AV BGs. We ended up playing close to 30 games. Just as we hit a 1790 rating, the server message pops up saying [SERVER RESET] 15:00

So we que-ed up hoping for another game before the server went down. It took awhile but the Arena finally popped. It was a tough game against a warlock/shammy but we won the game and hit above an 1800 rating with 5 minutes to spare! :)

Tonight, my 3v3 team, This is for Mathilda, did well and for the first time reached above an 1800 rating.

What I'm finding with practice is that you have to become pretty keen about spotting different talents of classes. For example, a felguard means you're dealing with a demo warlock. Save him for last if you can as he will have insane amouts of HP and survivability. Felhunter usually means Affliction lock however some DEMO locks will pull this pet out to confuse you at times. Affliction locks are paper....but are deadly, deadly if you allow them to start casting. Don't give them the 1.5 seconds they need to cast affliction.

Good druids are easy to spot from bad druids. Bad druids stay in cat form...good druids will always be shape shifting depending on the weather. :D If I see a bad druid, I usually just dot/fear and move to a more deadly target. Good druids are tough stuff. I find myself trying to time fears for when they come out of feral form to cyclone or heal. They have instant heals so it's very important to stop them before they can spam the button. This task is super difficult and I haven't timed it right much yet. Cyclone is a mother f-ing biotch. 6 seconds of you not doing anything and no one can get you out of it. If you ever see a druid cast this once, you gotta start thinking about how to kill or cc him. It's a 1.5 second cast so hard to stop.

Resto shamans almost always have earth shield up... and it looks like a swirling ball going around them like a hula hoop. Dispel this if you are focusing down the shammy!! It heals the shaman for 270 as you attack him and makes his casts 30% uninteruptable! It sucks arse. And I've seen a good shaman heal himself in 1.5 seconds for close to 2.5k each time.

I can't wait for the Season 2 arena and BG gear to come out so I can finally spend my points and get upgrades. I've been holding off ever since they announced new gear was coming out June 19th.

It shall be a day wreckoning! :)


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