Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Arena HO!

I think we've played more 5v5 games in the first two weeks of Season Two than we did in all of Season one. We're definitely still finding our rythm though. It's been tough simply because we've been marching right along side the top rated teams of last year.

I'm not sure but I think less people are doing arenas this season than last. I don't blame most teams who couldn't break out. It's a horrible up hill battle.

I thought they would not release the season 2 gear until next season 3 to allow people to catch up to the top rated teams. But now we're all just playing a gear war much like the old days of BGs.

It's certainly tough when you not only have to fight your way through skill but also gear. We're talking about some pretty large discrpencies in armor and weapons that probably not even the best teams could overcome.

One of our biggest changes is adding a lock to our line up. Felix respecced his lock to DEMO. So now he's one of those damn tank locks that just won't die. lol. At first we weren't sure how it would effect our 2v2 team. But Connect the DOTS is actually liking having a tank-lock.

He basically controls one opponent while I DPS down another. If I happen to die, he can pretty much solo the final guy himself. Rogue/Druid team is still our hardest combo to beat although we have finally figured out how to handle the rogue/rogue combo. mwahahahha.. Cloak of Shadows this baby!


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